Monday, May 31, 2010


Went and saw Sex and the City 2 last night. It was light, enjoyable, and funny. Definitely not as good as the first movie, but fun nonetheless. Will it win an academy award? Definitely not! The girls, still soul mates after all these years, start off at the gay wedding of Standford and Anthony. Liza Minnelli definitely steals the show with her rendition of Single Ladies. Then, it's off to Abu Dhabi for a stay in a luxurious, and I mean luxurious $22,000.00/night resort. But The Arab Emirates culture eventually gets the best of the girls and home they return, not too happy. (There has been controversy among the arab and Muslim world, and after seeing the movie, I understand why). But all ends well as is to be expected, and the lives of the ladies continues.
I believe the real meaning of the movie, from beginning to end, is that every relationship is unique! Every relationship, whether it be that of a same-sex couple, a single, sex-crazed female, a childless couple who consider "days off" from the marriage, or working mothers who find it extremely difficult, has its own rules. Each couple, or individual, must make up the rules that best fits their lives and circumstances. Also, families are unique and individual as well.
In our society, fortunately, we see the uniqueness of relationships and families everyday. The blurring of the past traditions is somewhat confusing and hard for some to grasp. Tradition is important, but we cannot stop the hands of time. No matter how much one dislikes it, society is in constant change and evolution. Nothing can remain the same. We have to realize this and move on with society as it changes.


To the men and women of the US military I say, "Thank you! Thank you for the freedoms that I have!"

Now, repeal DODT!! And then end DOMA!! Marriage equality for All!!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day celebration everyone!