Sunday, May 31, 2009

Politics In New Jersey

This Tuesday, June 2, 2009, is the Gubernatorial Primary. The projected Republican winner is Chris Christie. Jon Corzine, current NJ Governor, is running unopposed. New Jerseyians are not happy about the state of the economy in NJ. I cannot blame them for being upset. There is a great deal of talk about ousting Jon Corzine in hopes that a new leader can get things out of the red.

I was just saying to a friend at work the other day that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to elect a new governor. Can it really get any worse? Maybe someone new might just have the answers. However, the more I read about the Republican candidates, the less likely I am to vote against Jon Corzine.

I do not blame Jon Corzine for the budget problem in NJ. Almost every other state in the US is facing budget deficits. The entire US economy is in turmoil, although it appears things may be getting better. Other states have had to take drastic measures to balance their budgets. NJ is in the same boat. I do not like the fact that Corzine seems to be trying to solve the State's budget problem on the backs of state employees, most of whom are suffering with the economy just like everyone else. State employees are facing further "temporary layoffs" (unpaid furlough days), a wage freeze and possible permanent layoffs. But is Chris Christie the answer?

Chris Christie has already stated that he would cut the State workforce to help solve the budget situation. It's not the "workforce" that's the problem. It's the "non-workforce," the political hacks that exist in State government, every party's appointees that never leave, that is part of the problem. Chris Christie has said over and over that he will cut NJ's taxes, increase employment, and make NJ a better, less expensive place to live. However, Christie has offered very little specifics on how he will achieve these goals. It's very easy to say what you're going to do until you're actually in office trying to do it! I can make the same promises Christie has made, even though I have no idea how to get it done.

On a more important issue for me personally, Christie has already said he would veto any law allowing gay marriage. Corzine, on the other hand, has supported gay marriage rights. NJ has come so far in granting equality to same-sex couples that NJ should not take two steps back on this issue. NJ has to move forward and grant total equal rights for gay couples.

So do I really think NJ needs a new leader? I am not so sure at this point. I truly believe Jon Corzine does have NJ's best interest at heart. I do believe he supports State employees and I know he supports gay rights. It is going to be a very interesting next few months in NJ politics.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chalk Another One Up For Obama

Republicans are all in a tizzy because they do not know quite how to fight the nomination by President Obama of Sonia Sotomayor for the US Supreme Court.
Why the FIRST response of the Republicans has to be how do they fight the nomination before they even begin the hearings is beyond my comprehension, but the Republicans are very divided on how they unite against a woman they presume will be a reliable vote for liberal causes. If they launch a no-holds barred attack on Sotomayor, the first Hispanic to be nominated to the court, they risk alienating a growing minority they want on their side in the voting booth.
What a quandary!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lest We Forget

I'm so glad George W. Bush is out of office! He had to have been one of the worst presidents of our time! I wish Dick Cheney would shut up! I don't really like Republicans in general! I am proud to be GAY!

All the things I said above, and many other rights and freedoms I have, are mine because of the sacrifice of many men and women throughout history. I am in no way a war-monger! I hate war! It should be avoided at all cost! However, there are sometimes it's necessary because there are simply put, evil people in the world!

Thank you Men and Women of our military. Thanks for the service you provide! Thanks for putting aside your own well-being, and that of your families, so that I can live freely! Thank you even when you go to conflicts that are not just, but you go because of your service!

Thank you.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Republicans Will Grab At Anything

First it was Sarah Palin! Now it's Ms. California! Lest we forget Dick Cheney. Seems the Republicans are trying to grab hold of anyone that speaks out for old, outdated conservative "values." Give it up Repubs.........get with times or continue to fall behind!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Glad To Be Able To Celebrate Without Fear

June is a month filled with Gay Pride celebrations throughout the US and in other parts of the world. June is the chosen month in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots that took place in NYC on June 28, 1969, 40 years ago. It was on that night that gays and lesbians, while enjoying a night out at at the Stonewall, were again harassed by the police. The police raided the bar,but this time the police got more than they bargained for. The drag queens fought back! The patrons had had enough! Even though the police got control of the scene, this event marked the beginning of the gay rights movement in the US.

We in the US today can attend gay pride parades and festivities without fear of reprisal. Fellow LGTB Community members elsewhere in the world don't have it so fortunate. In Moscow today, riot police broke up several gay rights demonstrations.The police hauled away scores of protesters hours before the capital hosted a major international pop music competition. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has drawn international criticism by describing homosexuality as "satanic" and seeking to justify official discrimination against gay people in Russia by claiming they help spread the AIDS virus. I certainly hope President Obama voices his disgust at what has happened in Moscow!

Even though the US still has a long way to go to give LGBT people FULL equal rights, we are a great deal better off than elsewhere thanks to the men and women, like those at Stonewall, that have fought a hard fight for the rights we do have. As we celebrate Gay Pride, I hope we in the US remember those around the world who live in fear each and every day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute To My Mother

My Mother left this world in 1985, just 3 days past her 47th birthday. She left behind a husband, five children, two of whom were less than 12 years of age, and a handful of grandchildren.
Barbara A. Frank exemplified the word Mother. Everything she did in her adult life was for her family. I can remember her sitting out in the freezing cold watching me play Midget League Football. She took me to any and all youth activities. She did the same for my sisters and brothers, never once complaining about the role she played. Even when she was about to leave this world, I remember her only concern was for my Father and his kids. My Mother never once put herself first.
My Mother wasn't an educated woman. She made it through highschool, but that was about it. She was a stay-at-home wife and mother, but every now and again, when finances made it necessary, my Mother would get a small parttime job and help. Despite those times when she was employed, her family still came first.
My Mother never lived long enough to see many of the grandkids and great-grandkids that over the years were added to our family. She never lived to see some graduations or marriages. At every family birthday party I attend, the thought always runs through my mind how much my Mother would have loved to see her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids celebrate their lives. She loved children and my Mother would have been in her glory to see her family grow.
But it wasn't meant to be! Unfair? Damn right! Life isn't fair! That's the way it is! On this Mother's Day, I give my Mother all the tribute she deserves!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gay? Not Gay? Does It Really Matter?

Ever since this year's American Idol began, speculation about contestant Adam Lambert's sexual preference has been swirling. Like it or not, questions about Adam's sexuality will not go away. I ask: does it really matter?
Does it really matter if Adam is straight, bi, or gay? Does it really matter if anybody is straight, bi, or gay? Americans are so hung up on this issue that it sometimes irritates the hell out of me! Does a person's sexual preference make them better or worse? Does a person's sexual preference make them any better or less a performer?
Americans are so hung up with pigeon-holing people into boxes! Someone's sexuality is only a small part of the person! Who really cares? What difference does it really make? Should anybody be identified by who they sleep with?
By the way, as far as I'm concerned, Adam Lambert could be Martian! He's still NUMBER 1!
ADDENDUM (2 hours later):
OK. Yes, I admit that I am curious at to whether or not Adam is gay! But does this have to be the focus of the media on Adam or anyone else? When Adam gives an answer, accept it! Remember Clay Aiken? He said he wasn't gay and that was what the media should have stopped with the questioning at that point. The truth always has a way of coming out anyway. Perhaps if a celeb does come out, it will give someone else the courage to also come out, but if nobody can come out until he is ready.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Old Tricks

President Obama is doing pretty well! The economy is showing signs of recovery. The US is gaining some respect in the world once again. The Republican Party seems to be in shambles, ready to collapse, but the Republicans are back to their old tactics! "After weeks of concentrating their attacks against President Barack Obama on the economy, Republicans are branching out. They're taking aim at his anti-terrorism policy."
It isn't working anymore, Republicans!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Karma's A Bitch!

Yesterday at the Cherry Hill Mall, I was trying to find a parking place as the place was mobbed. (By the way, the CH Mall has been refurbished and it looks GREAT! Still alot of empty stores on the new section, which is anchored by Nordstroms, but it is very nice). I did the "trolling" technique of trying to find a parking space. You know, where you spot someone coming out of a store and you follow them to their car then wait for them to leave. (I don't like doing this because it sometimes puts my car in an awkward position of blocking the lot, but because it was so crowded, I did it anyway).

Well, I followed two women to their car, saw them get in, and waited, with my left turn signal on, for the car to pull out. I waited close to five minutes for the car to finally back out of the slot. The car was coming toward me, so I wasn't able to immediately pull into the parking space until the car pulling out got passed me. All of a sudden, this car with a girl in her late teens, early twenties comes toward me and swings her car into the spot I was waiting for. I beeped and she just looked at me with what some would call "a shit-faced grin." I was furious, but what was I going to do? I sat their for awhile, more out of disbelief than anger. Finally I pulled away, seeking another parking space.

As I looked for another parking space, I came upon the young lady (strike that because she was far from being a "lady") walking in the parking lot. She had her back to me, but it was definitely her. I rolled down my window and said, "Excuse me! Karma's a bitch!" She turned around, giving me that same, "shit-faced grin." I said, "Karma's a bitch, and you'll get yours, believe me!"

The arrogance of this BITCH! It wasn't as if she did not realize I was waiting for the parking space and accidentally took it from me! She knew exactly what she was doing, and her smirk let me know she was damn proud of it! Not only was she arrogant, but STUPID! This is the kind of thing that causes road rage reactions. I could feel the rage come up in me! This girl was alone in her car, and had I been someone else, I'm sure the reaction wouldn't have been so kind! I thought to myself, if I was a person with anger management issues, or a group of peers, they would have gotten out of their car and kicked this girl's butt! Worse yet, if whoever's spot she stole had a gun or knife, this "parking space thief" could have been seriously injured!

Yes, Karma's a bitch, and I believe this young lady will get what's due her. I only hope it's nothing too bad. Maybe just a flat tire, a fender-bender, or a nasty break up with a boyfriend. I only hope when Karma does pay her back, she'll remember the parking space she stole at the Cherry Hill Mall on 5/2/09!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

What Would Jesus Do? He'd Torture?

A recent CNN survey showed that the more often Americans go to church, the more likely they are to support the torture of suspected terrorists. The survey, conducted during April 14-21, 2009, was based on a Pew Research Center survey of 742 American adults. (The survey, by the way, is not without controversy. Many evangelicals say it is not correct, but I don't believe that for a minute).
Surprised? I'm not the least bit! I used to attend evangelical, mostly conservative churches! One of the things that I always questioned was why most of the fellow congregates, including one pastor I knew, were so supportive of the first Gulf War and the Second Gulf War. So accepting torture is nothing I wouldn't expect. Remember the Inquisition? Remember The Crusades? Look back throughout history and look at the pain and suffering, along with some good I will add, the Church brought on people. Someone summed it up best saying, "When you have God on your side, anything is ok."
As I have matured in life, I have often wondered why it is so-called Christians who are the most Un-Christian-like people around? I'm sure surveys have been conducted amongst Christians that show the majority support capital punishment as well as war and torture.
I'm certain Jesus supported none of the above, torture, war, or capital punishment! So if Christians are supposed to be Christ-like and follow His example, why don't they? If Jesus were walking the earth today, I don't think he would be a member of his Fan Club!