Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Circle of Life

This weekend was an intersting lesson in the "Circle of Life" for me. On Friday evening, I went to a retirement dinner for a former co-worker of mine. The lady is certainly not ancient by any stretch of the imagination, but nonetheless, is retiring after 30+ years of work. (Congratulations, Judy)! Then on Saturday morning, I went to the funeral of my 80 year old grandmother. Although Grandma Ethel and I were not that close in the past several years, I do remember some of the times I spent with her in my earlier years, and how much she amazed me at the wonderful arts and crafts type stuff she could do. Then finally on Saturday afternoon, I attended a birthday party for a 1 year old girl! The full gamut of life: a child, someone retiring from work to enjoy those "golden" years, and death!
And so goes the "Circle of Life"! Each and everyday someone is born, someone goes to work, someone retires, and someone dies! Every now and again, stuff happens in between, like the situation at Virginia Tech. Although we all hope to enjoy the "Circle" in the order in which it is supposed to happen, birth, life, work, death, it does not alway follow that path. We try to explain stuff when it happens in all kinds of ways, but as the saying says, "Stuff (just) happens!" No matter what the reason, it just does! There's not a damn thing anyone of us can do about it or prevent it from happening. All we can do is pick up the pieces the best we can after the stuff of life occurs.
So what do I learn from this? Don't spend my time worrying about the stuff that can happen. Keep living, and enjoy doing it! And when the time comes for stuff to come into my life, which it surely will, move on and don't let it stop life's enjoyments!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

"If I Only Had A Heart!"

Comedian Jim David wrote a small article in the latest addition of The Advocate magazine (April 24, 2007) which I thought was quite hilarious. In the article, David states that since the Reverend Ted Haggard has declared that after 3 weeks in rehab he is "completely heterosexual," other celebs have now come forth with "makeovers" of their own:

"After a week on a gay cruise and two hits of ecstasy, former NBA star Tim Hardaway says he is now a 'complete pig bottom.'"

"After a weeklong visit with the Reverend Haggard in rehab, Jerry Fallwell said he is 'completely bi.'"

"After two weeks in rehab and four singing lessons, Britney Spears claims to be 'completely talented.'"

"After four weeks with a psychotherapist in an undisclosed location, Dick Cheney announced that he is 'completely human.'"

Oh the lives of celebs!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Day In AC....Not A Penny Spent On Slots

Had another great day in Atlantic City and never spent one penny on slots or tables. Did some shopping at THE WALK, THE AC OUTLETS. Got several good buys on some new digs and some new running shoes. Then went to THE PIER AT CAESARS and did some looking, but no shopping. However, I tried Souzai Sushi and Sake. That's me above lounging with an ice tea while eating sushi. This is a nice place to just sit and eat a small meal. The menu includes Sushi and Sashimi, cool dishes and hot dishes, and tempura, all reasonably priced. Of course, Souzai has many unique drinks which I passed on since it was afternoon and I had to drive back home. I would highly recommend Souzai and all the other eateries at THE PIER AT CAESARS. From where I was sitting, I could see the spot where Trump Plaza places its Beach Bar. I can hardly wait for summer to sip a few drinks under the stars while listening to some good music and maybe even dancing!

There is so much more to AC than gambling and sitting in the smoke filled casinos, which by the way go 75% smoke free as of April 15th.

Disney + Gays = Committment

The Walt Disney Company is now allowing gay couples to have committment ceremonies performed in the parks and on its cruiselines. Couples at Walt Disney World can exchange vows in front of the park's iconic attractions, including Cinderella's castle. I applaud the Disney Company for its committment to gay individuals. I am sure there will be a backlash by conservative Christian groups that will threaten boycotts and the like.

But to me this is another small but significance of gay rights. Disney, by allowing such an events to occur, has acknowledged that gays have the same rights as their hetero counterparts. Another victory for gay rights!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Murderous Doctor?

I have never weighed in on the Anna Nicole Smith story, quite honestly because, I JUST DON'T CARE!! However, today when I read that according to documents released by the Broward County, Florida, medical examiner's office Wednesday, Smith had 11 prescription medications in her system, causing an accidental death, that were prescribed by friend and psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, I just had to add my opinion. My opinion is that Dr. Eroshevich should be charged with murder!
Too many physicians simply prescribe whatever medication a patient wants. I have read case after case of medication complications due to inappropriateness of doctors! Adults are effected; kids are effected. Why is it that a physician can become a legal drug dealer and get away with it? Dealers on the streets are arrested, but when someone with a M.D. after their name can deal any drug or combination of drugs they so desire. It is time doctors are held accountable for their actions as well.