Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bring Home The Troops.........For Black Friday Shopping

The Press of Atlantic City reported today (November 26, 2005) that it took two entire police departments, Hamilton Township and Egg Harbor Township, to restore order at Wal-Mart and Circuit City in Hamilton Township (Mays Landing) on "Black Friday." At 5am, the Cirucuit City prepared to open its doors to a crowd that stretched about 500 feet. Some of these lunatics waited since 8pm the night before in 28 degree temperatures. These people were not to be denied! The Cirucuit City manager was apparently handing out maps and advertising circulars to customers at the front of the line, but those further back thought vouchers were being handed out for sale merchandise. Those individuals from the back rushed to the front of the line. Several shoppers were either trampled or pushed against the store doors. One woman was treated for rib injuries and another for other injuries. Both were taken to a local hospital. Police estimated that about 1,000 people also waited outside that Mays Landing Wal-Mart, where one woman burst through the crowd, shoving an older woman. Security and police eventually caught the over-zealous shopper and escorted her out. A half-hour later, police were called again for assistance in the electronics department, where the surging crowd began taking things off the shelves while others pushed to the front of the checkout lines. Police helped close the store to restore order, before it was re-opened. As the store re-0pened, Anthony Martinez, 25, Atlantic City, shoved an officer and was arrested for resisting arrest. The primary object of desire at Wal-Mart was a $398.00 HP Pavilion notebook computer. There were only 35 of them available.
I ventured out for some "Black Friday" shopping, but waited until about 2pm to head out. Other than a little traffic as I made my way to the Cherry Hill Mall, I encountered no bad experiences. Lines were a bit long, but nobody was pushing, shoving, or beating their way to the front of the lines. And guess what? The sales were still there in the afternoon. No, I was not about to even try to get one of 35 items available, no matter what the item! And I was not waiting at any store for hours to purchase anything. Believe me, there is nothing worth purchasing that bad.
If for no other reason, maybe US troops need to be brought home by next "Black Friday" to help keep the peace.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bill Maher's New Rule Concerning, "Who Cares What College Your Kid Goes To?"

One of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher's New Rules from 11/4/05: "New Rule: I'm not impressed by what college your kid is going to. George Bush went to Yale. The End. Besides, these days, kids only learn about two things in college: drugs and bisexuality. And you don't need to send them to college for that. You can send them to my house." So, parents/students: don't think too highly of what college your kid/you attend.

This Is What It's All About

This is what the holidays are all about!

So Who Do You Believe? Bush Or The Daily Mirror?

George Bush is in another situation that raises a question of his honesty. The Daily Mirror, a British paper, reported Tuesday that British Prime Minister Tony Blair talked Bush out of launching an air strike against Al-Jazeera's headquarters in Qatar -- a U.S. ally -- during an April 16, 2004 meeting at the White House. Of course the The White House called the report "outlandish," but Al-Jazeera urged the British government to either confirm or deny the report. I ask you, who do you believe? Bush, who insisted Iraq had WMDs? Bush, who insisted Iraq was connected to 9-11? Bush, who insists he didn't twist the truth to put the US in Iraq in the first place? Bush, who said he never had plans to go to war in Iraq, despite the now infamous DOWNING STREET MEMO (remember that)? Please Bush! Stop lying and just be honest with the people of the US and the world! Only time will tell in this new revelation about Bush & Company!


To my millions of readers and adoring fans, I just want to say...Hey! Wait a minute. That was my unbridled imagination getting away!
Actually, to those of you who do pass through, I want to say, "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!" I have so much to really be thankful for, I don' t know where to begin. I would have to first of all be thankful for my family who I love dearly. For my friends, I am forever grateful. I am thankful for my job, as much as I dislike it at times. I am thankful to be living in a country in which I am able to write such things, especially criticism of our government. For life itself, I am thankful. And my health, which I sometimes take for granted until I see a friend struck down with illness. So...I am just THANKFUL! Pass it along!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Discrimination in Washington Township, NJ

Michael Kurz, a police officer in Washington Township, NJ, has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the township. According to a report in the Courier-Post (Tuesday, November 22, 2005), Officer Kurz confided in another police officer about being gay, Cpl. Frank Gurcsik, whom Kurz thought was a friend and confidant, about five years ago. By the end of that week, "The entire department knew..."Kurz stated. That "friend" quickly outed Kurz over some drinks with fellow officers at a restaurant. Then, the officers threw homophobic insults and slurs at Kurz. The last straw was when Kurz learned that during a discussion about emergency lights on civilian cars, another officer asked, "Are homosexual cops going to be allowed to have rainbow light bars?" Kurz, sick of the harrassment, went to his superiors. But nothing has been done, with an internal investigation taking seven months. Now, attorney Clifford Van Syoc of Cherry Hill, NJ, has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Washington Township.
One might ask, "What's the big deal? Kurz was not physically assaulted or disciplined or fired?" But I ask, "Is this something Kurz, or any other gay person, should put up with?" If officers asked a fellow African-American officer if he needed spear holders in his cruiser, that officer would be filing a civil rights lawsuit, and rightfully so. Damn! THIS IS 2005! And this shit still happens. And it involves people who are supposed to be professionals! These officers are supposedly trained in sensitivity to people with different backgrounds, and they cannot even live peacefully with a fellow member with a difference! And shame on Officer Gurcsik! Such a traitor, and some might say, a "woman." Breach of confidence and gossip!
I will personally be writing to Washington Township to tell them they have wronged Officer Kurz. I wish I could somehow get a personal message to Officer Kurz to tell him I support him and feel he should do everything possible to get what he deserves for being mistreated. Join me if you can. (The mayor of Washington Township can be e-mailed at:

What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander?

I find it quite interesting that a teacher, Debra Lafave, at Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Florida, was able to avoid any prison time for having sex with a 14 year old student. Ms. Lafave pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior. She was sentenced to three years of house arrest followed by seven years of probation, and she must register as a sex offender. All this for having sex with a 14 year old student three times in four days in June 2004, one of those times including having sex with the boy in the back seat of a car while the boy’s 15 year old cousin drove them around. (In reality, then, involving another minor boy). According to the victim, the teacher also performed oral sex on him multiple times, including once in the teacher’s home.
What I find interesting is that if this was a male teacher and a 14 year old female student, the teacher’s head would roll. I am sure the court would be throwing the book at the teacher. And, I’m sure a male teacher would be facing several years in prison, not just given house arrest and probation for such a crime. I am also sure the community would be outraged to no end if this was a male teacher assaulting a female student.
So then, is it fair to say that a double standard exists here? It’s alright for a boy to have sex with an adult because that’s what boys are supposed to do, have sex? But a 14 year old girl on the other hand, is supposed to be a virgin until she finds “Mr. Right”?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanks, But Keep Helping, Please!

The HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN needs your help. Please lend your support.

Oh My, Bush! Even The Iraqis Want A Pullout Timetable!

Gee! How many more are going to have to ask for a timetable for the US pullout of Iraq before Bush realizes it? Now, Iraqi leaders, Shites, Sunnis, and Kurds, are asking the US for a pullout timetable. I guess that leaves just about everyone but die-hard war mongers like Bush & Company, and those who support them, asking for such a timetable. But Bush & Company insist we must "stay the course." The "course," of course, is more of the same. Insurgent attacks, American deaths, and no forward movement. Come on Bush! Wake up! Stop being so stubborn in your insistence that this is a just war!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Logo Is On

Just a reminder that Logo is on! Logo is the gay-oriented television station, a product of MTV. On Comcast, Logo in my viewing area is on channel 163. (Logo is also on Direct TV). Logo shows gay-themed movies, travel shows, stand up comedy, and soap-opera type series. Logo has been on Comcast for about 2 months now, and I am finding it very entertaining. It is very encouraging that there is a channel devoted to gay programming. I would also encourage any straight individuals to check it out as well.

God's Wrath On What?

This is a map of the "Red States/Blue States" from the 2004 Presidential election. Take a close look at the map. Notice where the states that have had natural disasters are located? Pat Robertson and other evangelical, right-winged conservative Christians have been preaching that God's wrath has been unleashed through these terrible natural disasters on those states that have been leaving God out of them, or living lifestyles contrary to God. Well, I would again beg to differ. Maybe God has been lashing out against those states that elected a hate monger as president of the US of A. Maybe it isn't gays or people who celebrate life that God hates; maybe it's those that choose to take life in the name of justice that God hates. Maybe right-winged, conservative Christians such as Mr. Robertson should start to consider what happens to a nation when in the name of God injustices take place. Didn't Jesus say, "Blessed are the peacemakers" and "You will reap what you sow"?

Apology Accepted!

Not sure where this originally came from, but it's great! And, Connecticut, I accept your apology.

Friday, November 18, 2005

What Progress We Are Making!

Yes, George! We are making such progress in Iraq! I am glad you're happy with what is occuring in Iraq. You are about the only one that is! (Well, Dick is too, but what do you expect?). More suicide bombers killed dozens in Iraq. If the US is making such progress in Iraq, why isn't the public hearing about it? Even military experts and veteren generals are saying, "Enough is enough!" But George keeps insisting we must stay the course because we are winning! Winning what? The race to see how many more can be killed? Give us a break, George! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Get the US out of Iraq!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Credit Card Companies Need To Get F***ed!

The New Bankruptcy Code went into effect October 17, 2005. The new law was the product of intense lobbying in Congress by credit card companie and the banking industry. As many against the change in the law argued, the new law would hurt only the middle class who often struggle to make ends meet, begin using credit cards for needed purchases, then, before they realize it, cannot continue to make the payments. (I am one who personally knows the negative affects of misusing credit). Many times, after the finance charges, late fees, fees for going above the approved credit limit, or just fees to make money, the minimum payment becomes a nightmare, and it is next to impossible to get out of the debt. For many, bankruptcy is the only way out of the situation to make a fresh start. But now the new law will make that next to impossible.
And now I have noticed a commercial recently from Citibank. It is promoting Citi Simplicity. With Citi Simplicity, consumers are informed that they will not have to pay any late fees as long as they "use your card once each billing period for a purchase of cash advance..." In other words, if you don't want to pay a late fee, just charge more. So, the credit card company is advocating misuse of the credit card. Keep on charging to avoid late fees. But what about finance charges? NOPE! They of course keep piling up! So Citibank is encouraging consumers to keep on charging, even if they cannot afford to pay it! Keep on charging to avoid the late fees, but keep on paying the Citibank more in finance charges.
That is why I hate credit card companies! That is why I never once felt bad for credit card companies when someone declared bankruptcy and said, "F*** you, credit card company!" Credit Card companies are nothing more than legalized loan sharks. When will they beg Congress to allow their henchmen to break the kneecaps of those who can't pay?

Poor George Is Getting Criticized...And He Don't Like It

Poor Georgey Bush is all upset because of the criticism of his Iraq War. Yesterday, he lashed out at critics saying their criticism is hurting the war on terror and giving troops the wrong impression of US support for them. Bush blames politicians for the criticism of the war, but I remind Bush that it is not only politicians that oppose the war in Iraq. Veteran's Against the Iraq War , and citizens like me also have spoken out against the war. And the criticism is growing, as people realize what a farce the entire rationale for war against Saddam Hussein actually was. Mr. Bush, it is YOU AND YOUR ADMINISTRATION that began this political war to begin with. It is YOU AND YOUR ADMINISTRATION that is to blame for more than 2,000 American deaths and many, many more innocent Iraqi deaths! Don't even try to blame those speaking out against the war as a way to justify your mistake! As Senator John Kerry said, “I wish President Bush knew better than to dishonour America's veterans by playing the politics of fear and smear on Veterans Day.” “This administration misled a nation into war by cherry-picking intelligence and stretching the truth beyond recognition,” Mr. Kerry said. Sen. Edward Kennedy said, “It's deeply regrettable that the president is using Veterans Day as a campaign-like attempt to rebuild his own credibility by tearing down those who seek the truth about the clear manipulation of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war.” As has been Bush's typical smear and fear MO, he claims if US troops left Iraq, the terrorists would take control and ruin the world. The US and the world are tired of the same old song and dance, Mr. Bush!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tuesday Is Election Day In NJ....Thank God It'll Be Over!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Tuesday, November 8th, is election day in NJ. And I will be so glad when it's over! I think Corzine is better for NJ, but really, I don't care who wins! I will just be glad that it's over! I am sick and tired of all the political commercials, both on radio and tv. Seems every 5 minutes, there is a commercial. First, one candidate tells what he can do and how bad his opponent is, then 5 minutes later, the other candidate comes on saying just the opposite. Both views are filled with lies and distortions, and voters can never really know what to believe from these ads. It appears to me, however, that the Republican candidates are taking the lead from Bush by using scare tactics. This year, in southern NJ, it is the sex offenders and imminent domain that are the focus of the Republicans. If you elect the Democrats, the sex offenders will be on the prowl, but don't worry, because you won't have any property to worry about because imminent domain will take it all away. I have heard both parties complain of the other raising taxes. Both parties describe scandal occuring in the other party. To be honest, I don't feel like I can trust any politician. I sometimes just look at is as which is the lesser of the 2 evils. What a way to decide who sets policy for us! My apathy toward the entire US political process is not the view of the minority; most Americans feel the same way. I wish I knew what it's going to take to get Americans interested in getting involved, but I know it's not the damned political commercials that run all day and night!

Las Vegas: Sin City? Not ToThe Mayor.

The mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, has suggested that people who deface roads with graffiti should have their thumbs cut off on public television. He also thinks whipping or caning should be the punishment for children who get into trouble with the law. With all the other crime going on in Las Vegas, this is the answer for graffiti artists and children? Besides, why should the city/state perform these punishments? Isn't the mob there to do it? I think this mayor is one sick pup with some sick sexual fetishes.

Do You Think They're Ready?

US and Iraqi forces began Operation Steel Curtain yesterday. It's another offensive against the insurgents. This one is in Husayba, a city on the Syrian border. Three thousand US troops, including Marines, soldiers, and sailors are involved, and about 550 Iraqi troops. That translates to 82% US troops and 18% Iraqi troops. DO YOU THINK THE IRAQI'S ARE READY YET? Do you get the confident feeling that Bush has; that Iraqi's will soon be able to maitain peace and order in their own country? Bush is so pleased with the progress US troops are making in preparing the Iraqi's to defend their own country, but with situations like this, I can only ask: HOW MANY MORE YEARS WILL US TROOPS BE NEEDED IN IRAQ?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kudos To PAX!

I understand my good friend Pax Romano confronted Candidate for Governor, Doug Forrester, on the issue of gay marriage. Maybe he'll explain exactly what was said. Kudos to you, PAX. Way to go!

Thank You, Democratic Senators

The Republican Senators are all in an uproar over yesterday's closed session that Democratic Senator Harry Reid and others demanded. Senate Intelligence Committe Chairman Pat Roberts called the closed session, "not needed, not necessary and, in my personal opinion, was a stunt." "This is an affront to me personally," said Bill Frist, a Tennessee Republican. "This is an affront to our leadership. It is an affront to the United States of America, and it is wrong." Well, Senator Frist, I for one disagree with you and do not feel it was wrong at all for the US. What is wrong for the US is the war in Iraq and the lies that put us there in the first place. Maybe this closed session of the Senate should have occurred prior to the war, but better late than never. I applaud the Democratic Senators for finally demanding some answers from Bush & Company. It was said that the recent indictment of "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's aid, would be an indictment against the war, and maybe this is the beginning. Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the gang all deserve to be fired and indicted for crimes against humanity. Colin Powell, one of the few decent members of the Bush Administration saw the indecency of the war and chose to part ways with the Bush & Company Gang.