Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Time in NYC

Saw 2 really good shows while in NYC this past weekend, SHREK, THE MUSICAL and GOD OF CARNAGE. Two completely different shows, one a musical, the other a play. But both very entertaining and enjoyable.

Waited in line at The Times Square ticket window for half price tickets on Friday. Got tickets to see SHREK. The show is not just for kids. As a matter of fact, there's lots of inuendos that children would not get! The main theme is that people should be allowed to be who they are, no matter what. One of the biggest "hit" songs is Waive Your Freak Flags High. You see, the Lord of the land has banished all the Fairy Tales, Pinocchio, the Wolf, and the likes to Shrek's swamp, and Shrek wants his swamp back! The Big Bad Wolf, who ends up being a cross-dressing wolf (that's why he dressed in granny's clothes), is one such Fairy Tale that in the end let's his Freak Flag fly!

God of Carnage is a play about 2 couples trying to make amends for one of their sons hitting the others' son in the mouth with a stick during a playground altercation. The couples start off very congenial toward each other, then begin to argue not only with the other couple but each other. Of course the men would just as soon drink rum and smoke cigars!

The Gay Pride Parade was on Sunday in NYC. It starts at 52nd Street and 5th Ave. and proceeds through the heart of NYC. Thousands line the streets to celebrate PRIDE!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hope In NJ Or A Political Move?

NJ Governor Jon Corzine has promised to bring gay marriage to NJ if reelected in November. Corzine says gay marriage is a “fundamental right” and has promised to back a gay marriage bill, after he's elected to a second term. Corzine has not always been a fan of same-sex marriage. In 2005 he held that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but he has since :evolved on the issue." Corzine's opponent, Chris Christie, has moved his position closer to the center, but believes civil unions are sufficient for same-sex couples.
One has to be wary that Corzine's move may just be a political maneuver, but one has to also hope that he truly believes in his position and will fight for the right of same-sex couples to have full rights in NJ. Corzine has said previously that has a "progressive record" in regards to NJ.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going To The Fundraiser?

Next Thursday, June 25, 2009, there's a big Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Washington, DC for the LGBT Leadership Council. VP, Joe Biden will be there as the honored guest.

Seems like not all the LGBT leaders will be present. Many, angered over President Obama's lack of support, and more specifically the Department of Justice's legal brief against gay marriage filed last week in federal court, is keeping them away. The brief,which it compared gay unions to incestuous ones and that of an underage girl argued that states have the right to not recognize marriages that are legal in other states or countries. One such LGBT leader, David Mixner, former advisor to Bill Clinton big supporter of Obama, is boycotting the DNC's fundraiser. Also not attending will be Andy Towle and Alan Capelle, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda and Foundation. David Arvosis, of Americanblog reports that"this rather ill-timed and inappropriate Democratic effort to milk money from our community at the same time Democrats are equating us with incest and not lifting a finger on any of our legislation priorities in Congress or the White House. It's not awfully clear why any gay person would give a Democrat a dime ever again.”

Will you be going to the Fundraiser?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's PA's Turn; What's NJ Waiting For, Obama?

Pennsylvania State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-17th Dist.) introduced a bill last week to legalize same-sex marriage in our neighbor state. Although the bill faces tough opposition in the Republican-controlled Senate, at least someone had the courage to introduce the bill.
What's NJ waiting for, Obama's blessing? If so we can forget it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Snub By Obama?

Gay rights groups are furious over President Obama's apparent support of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA is the federal law that states that no state (or other political subdivision within the United States) needs to treat a relationship between persons of the same sex as a marriage, even if the relationship is considered a marriage in another state, and the federal government may not treat same-sex relationships as marriages for any purpose, even if concluded or recognized by one of the states.
As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama claimed "we need to fully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act..." However, today the Department of Justice, the President's attorneys, submitted a brief to dismiss a law suit filed by two California men who are married but claim it is unconstitutional for their marriage not to be recognized by other states. Although it's true that the Justice Department is generally tasked with defending acts of Congress, DOMA being such an act, Obama could speak up!
Come on Obama! It's about time you stood up publically for gay rights!
Today, California Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a brief in support of the federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Proposition 8 and restore marriage equality to California. In response, Equality California (EQCA) Executive Director Geoff Kors released the following statement.
In stark contrast to President Obama's Justice Department filing a brief defending the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, California's Attorney General Jerry Brown today filed a brief in support of a federal challenge to Proposition 8. Equality California is extremely appreciative of the Attorney General's continued leadership in opposition to Proposition 8 and in support of ending discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians. Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to file his brief soon. We urge him to take the same principled stance and tell the Court that Prop. 8 violates the Constitution.“The time has come for all elected leaders to follow Jerry Brown’s example and stand up for equality for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Equality California will continue our position of not endorsing or supporting any candidate for any level of public office who does not completely and unequivocally support total equality for our community.”

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Newt, Huckabee, Religious Nuts Perfect Together

Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee spoke at a a "Rediscovering God in America" forum at a church in Virginia Beach, Va. They both attempted to mock President Obama's claim that he is a citizen of the world, something then candidate Obama remarked in Berlin. Newt said, "I am not a citizen of the world. I am a citizen of the United States because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator." Huckabee said he was concerned about Obama's recent comment in Egypt that one nation shouldn't be exalted over another. Huckabee proclaimed that, "The notion that we are just one of many among equals is nonsense.... The United States is a "blessed" nation, he said, calling the American revolutionary defeat of the British empire "a miracle from God's hand." Huckabee pointed to the availability of abortion, the spread of gay rights, and attempts to remove religion from school history books as threats to Christian values, and went on to claim the same sort of miracle-working was at hand in the defeat of California's gay marriage amendment. Huckabee suggested voters "did it because some things are right and some things are wrong and they had to make a stand.''
I got news for both Newt and Huckabee. They are only in the US because by chance they happened to have been born here. Neither of them chose to be a citizen of the US. These two men display what I call the "arrogance of Americans." They think they are better than any other being on the planet because they happened to be born in the US. They feel God has blessed this nation and that every other nation in the world is at the US's beckon call to follow in our footsteps because this is God's will. No other nation on earth is blessed by God like the US.
Newt and Huckabee need to get a life and realize we are not the only people on the face of the earth. I am glad to live in the US, but I realize there is not a DAMN THING I DID TO GET HERE! I was just lucky enough to have been born here!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gay Pride 2009

Just so you don't forget: HAPPY GAY PRIDE month! June is the celeration of Gay Pride! In NJ, Asbury Park celebrated Gay Pride on June 7th. Some upcoming events in our area:
Philly gay pride on June 14th.
NYC gay pride on June 28th.
Get out there and show your true colors!