Friday, April 03, 2015


Not sure if you have ever used Twitter, but I'm sure most have heard of it.  I "tweet" once in awhile, and love to look at Twitter to get up to date news, sometimes much faster than other places on the web.  There is not only news, but major announcements that are made via Twitter.  Ted Cruz, for example, proclaimed his running for President on Twitter.  I still do not understand all Twitter has to offer, but I am slowly learning.  (By the way, my Twitter handle is @kfrankiii).

I had an interesting, but blood boiling discussion with someone the other day over the Indiana and Arkansas Religious Freedom Laws which were/were not passed, but eventually were signed by the Governors of those states.  I would like to share some of what transpired in my back and forth tweets with a Shawn Grams@airwolf1967, who I do not know from Adam.

I began with a tweet:

"So proud of our country for the overwhelming opposition to crazy religious freedom laws! "

Mr. airwolf 1967 responded:

the only ones having a fit are LW Crazies btw. America Stands for Religious Freedom. " ("LW"=Left Wingers)

My answer:

As well as Freedom From Religion!"

Mr. airwolf1967 reminded me that:

"LWers tend to bring up that point. Been there Read that"

Me: "Want to run a business for the PUBLIC, then you serve everyone, not just those you like!"

airwolf1967: "people have lost their business bc a gay couple wanted to force them to go against their religious beliefs. is good"

This went on for quite some time until Mr. airwolf1967, wrote, If my religious beliefs were against whatever it is. There is no excuse to make me do that according to the 1st Amendment"

MY POINT EXACTLY Mr. air wolf 1967: There is absolutely no need for such a law, except to allow someone to discriminate because of the 1st Amendment which gives you, me, and everyone in the US freedom to practice their religion!

Thursday, April 02, 2015


It's very coincidental on this Easter weekend I would be writing about a resurrection!  But I am, and it is truly very much a coincidence (I think) that I write about resurrecting Karl's Corner at this time.

I woke up this morning thinking that I really need to restart this blog.  But what will I write about?  I write all the time on FaceBook and Twitter, so do I really need to write here as well?  Are Blogs really "in" these days?  Will I just begin, write a few times, then come back here once more in 6-8 months wondering why I never wrote anything since today?  Will I write everyday?  To all these questions I can only say, "I don't know!"

However, here I go!  I will try to keep it going yet again.  I will try to put my thoughts, whatever they are worth, down in print in Karl's Corner.  I will try to make it last.

Still not exactly sure what I will write about.  I know most blogs I see concentrate on one area.  There are cooking blogs, political blogs, love blogs, and so on and so on.  Karl's Corner will most likely not concentrate on one specific topic, but whatever stirs my mind and soul on a particular day.  More than likely, Karl's Corner will be more political than not, but who knows where it will go?

So with this post I begin my journey once again.  I hope you will join me.