Sunday, December 30, 2007

My New Year's Resolution

Call it luck. Call it fate. Call it Karma. Call it God's Will. I'm not sure exactly why, but I have had a pretty good life. I have never gone hungry. I have never been seriously ill. I may never have been rich, but then I have never gone without either. I also realize not everyone has it as easy as I have.

I watch the television and see numerous times those less fortunate. Some suffer disease. Some have a disability. Some are depressed and lonely. So this year, I want to do more for those who maybe don't have it as easy as I do. I have been feeling compelled to do and give as a way to say "thanks" to whomever/whatever for the good life that I have had.

My New Year's Resolution: Do for others more this year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gosh, Those 37 Years Went By Fast ( ;-))

I hear it all the time: "That stinks having your birthday the day after Christmas!" But really it doesn't stink. It's actually quite nice; wake up one day, it's Christmas; wake up the next, it's my birthday! Like 2 holidays, one after the other. Sure, most of my family and friends give me 2 gifts on the same day: "Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday!" I am not complaining! My friends and family probably are: "Damn! We have to buy Karl 2 gifts!"

But then I never told anyone they had to buy me anything. I mean that! I appreciate anything anyone gets me, but I really do not need to get gifts. I have everything I need. When I'm asked, "What do you want for Christmas/your birthday?" I reply with a simple, "Whatever you want to get me!" What I really want, none of my family or friends can get me: a new car, maybe a 42 inch HDTV, maybe a Rolex. I have really come to realize it is better to give than to receive.

I had a wonderful Christmas and birthday, all within 2 days! I only hope that I have made someone else's Christmas as happy as mine.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why Can’t Everyday Be Christmas?

Driving in my car the other day, listening to some Christmas music and really feeling the excitement this time of the year brings, I began to think that a good part of the joy and happiness of the season is due to us being constantly told it is the time of the season to feel good. Starting in about October, television commercials, radio announcements, songs and the like bombard us with the “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” attitude. That in turn creates an excitement and anticipation within our being. If that’s all it takes to make us feel so good, mind enticement, why not just do it all year round?

But if the constant reminder of the need to feel good happened everyday a couple of things would happen. Firstly, it would become old quickly. The uniqueness would become the mundane, the routine. It would lose its effect. Secondly, I don’t think we could physically keep up the pace. Some really do go all out and become exhausted by the holiday preparation.

But if one can become so happy by just telling oneself to do so, why can’t that occur everyday? Why can’t the kindness that happens at Christmas happen everyday?

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like.................

The home is getting there. The gifts are just about all bought and wrapped. Soon it will be Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bush At It Still

Last week the International Atomic Energey Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran is not using nuclear technology for weapons, but energy purposes only, and the US confirmed this stating Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. This conclusion will most likely shaped how the Bush Administration deals with Iran in the last year (THANK GOD) of its reign.

The next day, Bush was pounding his pulpit showing his hand on how he will deal with Iran. "Iran was dangerous. Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon," Mr. Bush said. "Iran had a hidden, covert nuclear weapons program. What's to say they couldn't start another covert nuclear weapons program?" Mr. Bush said that as long as Iran has the "knowledge" on how to make a nuclear weapon, they are a threat to the US. Get that: THE KNOWLEDGE. Bush did not indicate they also needed the desire and tools necessary. Any high school student can go on the Internet and get THE KNOWLEDGE to build a nuclear weapon, but are they are threat to the US?

Mr. Bush somehow feels compelled to change the Middle East. He believes it is his destiny and duty to reshape the Middle East. Many are concerned about Bush's involvement in the Middle East, including me. Every American as well should be concerned. It was only a little over a month ago that Bush talked of World War III. I don't know about you, but I would like to never see a WWW III. There is enough strife in the world as it is.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Home Sweet Home..........Almost!

Settlement was Friday and the moving truck already loaded, began moving shortly thereafter. As my mortgage guy stated at closing: "It's almost anti climatic!" And indeed it was. Paper pushed in front of me from the left by the mortgage guy and papers pushed at me from the right by the title lady. Then, about 45 minutes later, the previous owner handed me the keys, and it was off I went, indebted up to my you-know-what! A home owner again! I shall truly see if as everyone has said, "It's better than giving it to the landlord!"

Things are however coming along well. The boxes are slowly getting unpacked and home sweet home is becoming just that. I must say so far the condo has been much quieter than the apartment. No kids running around so far. Only a small dog(s) or cat(s) that I heard rolling around on the floor yesterday morning, and the sounds of someone above me walking this morning. Also an occasional flush!

Time will tell!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Give It A Try

Last week I went into my local liquor store and was kindly greeted by an elderly gentleman. "May I help you?" he asked. After asking him where the 2007 beuajolais nouve was, he pointed out the cases stacked up in the front of the store. The wine expert told me to give it a try and "have fun with it. It is very fruity and has a hint of banana." So I bought a bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beuajolais Nouve, and I had "fun with it." I could smell the hint of banana and I certainly could taste it as well. I enjoyed it and would encourage you to try it as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where's The Outrage?

A 19 year old gang rape victim in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 200 lashes because she was with an unrelated male when they were attacked and the woman was gang raped. The woman was originally sentenced to 90 lashes but this was overturned when the rape victim appealed the sentence. Because the gang rape victim was in a car with a man who was not her relative she was guilty of Saudi Arabia's rigid Islamic law requiring segregation of the sexes. This victim was gang raped, and now "raped" by Saudi Islamic law!

Where is the outrage by the US over this incident. The Saudis are supposedly friends of the US. When is George W. going to speak out against this travesty? When is the US going to demand this sentence be overturned. George W. and the US certainly have not hesitated to insist that Pakistan allow Bhutto her freedom. The US has not hesitated telling Musharraf he must move forward with democratic reforms. Why has there been no response to Saudi Arabia by the Bush Administration?

Finally A Candidate That Admits His Humanity

Could it be that we finally have a presidential candidate who admits that he's human and that he's done some rather stupid stuff over the years? I am still very undecided as far as which democratic presidential candidate I support, but more and more, I like Barack Obama's positions and attitude. Today Obabma admitted that he has tried drugs and used alcohol in high school. Not the "smoked marijuana but didn't inhale" lie that some have used in the past. Not the "nope, not me" lie that others have given in the past, but an honest, open, "You know, I've made some bad decisions that I've actually written about. You know, got into drinking. I experimented with drugs..." Obama admitted to not only smoking pot, but doing a little cocaine in his earlier years. Some undoubtedly will see this as a weakness, but I myself see it as a strength. A strength in being honest, admitting one's youthful stupidity, and moving forward to be a productive member of society.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Little Weekend Fun

(Waring: Rated R-if you're under 17, leave; if you're sexually uptight, leave)

All Systems GO

Final approval was given last week on the mortgage, and Settlement has been set for Nov. 30th. So now timing is everything. I was hoping closing could be a bit earlier, but the Seller cannot do it before the 30th. That means I will have to pack up my stuff, load it on the truck on the 29th, and take it to Settlement on the 30th as I have to be out of my current apartment by the 30th as well. The crunch is on to pack stuff, but what do I pack and when? I still have to function for the next 2 weeks, so I cannot pack away everything. And then there's the utility companies that have to be informed so the switch can be made so I have lights, heat, and most importantly, cable and internet. I am very excited, but at the same time apprehensive about all that needs to be done as well as the new debt that I have incurred with the purchase of a home. I just keep looking at the tax writeoffs and hoping that makes it all worth it. As everyone has told me for the past 5+ years, now I will not be just giving my money (aka rent) to someone else. My philosophy has been "been there, done that" in respect to being a homeowner, and now I'm doing it again. I am hoping for the best!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Any Similarities?

Add a mustache to the photo below...........see the similarities?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Has The Whole World Gone Friggin' Nuts?

Am I just getting older and going through the "WOE IS THE WORLD" syndrome ( you know the one where old people sit around and complain about all that's wrong with the world), or is the world really going crazy? Just look at some of the news from the past couple of weeks:

Philadelphia Police Charge Teen in Shooting of Two Officers Serving Warrant

Cops kill boy who brandished clothes iron

Cop: Teens Beheaded, Burned Man For Thrill

I just killed Jae-Leigh, dad told mother-in-law

20 years for family man who went on knifing rampage

What is it with all the killings? Why are people so hateful that killing is an everday occurrence? Makes no sense to me.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Steve Irwin Was Psychic?

Steve Irwin, the Aussie Croc Hunter, was psychic according to his wife. Steve's wife, Terri, has revealed that Irwin predicted he would die at a young age. A psychic or a genius? My response: NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! How about I start a hobby of running across Rte. 322 shoeless during rush hour? Then I too can predict my early demise!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My New Friend

A few weeks ago while in New Hope, I found this little critter in a shop. I fell in love with him but didn't want to pay the asking price. So I left empty handed. My mind kept thinking about the little guy the entire way home, so I decided to find out a little about him. A google search for "glass octopus" led me to the site of Michael Hopko, an artist in Northern California. This guy and many other octopi, fish, and turtles are the creations of Mr. Hopko. The octopus was available through Mr. Hopko, but I decided to try my luck on E-Bay. I have never bought anything on E-Bay, but sure enough, I found Mr. Ocotpus. The seller, an art gallery in St. James, NY, listed an asking price. I made an offer $25.00 less. My offer was rejected, but I held firm. A couple days later I received an e-mail stating that if I wanted to resubmit my offer, the seller would accept it. I did, and the rest is history. Mr. Octopus came a few days ago and has a new home in Mays Landing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Will Gore Warm Up His Supporters?

Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize, sharing it with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The former vice president said he would donate his half of the $1.5 million prize to The Alliance for Climate Protection, a U.S. organization founded by Gore that aims to persuade people to cut emissions and reduce global warming.

Does this mean that Gore will reconsider throwing his hat into the 2008 presidential race? Many are hopeful this will happen. An organization called is one of several trying to persuade Gore to run. The group ran a full-page ad in The New York Times on Wednesday described as "an open letter to Al Gore." Monica Friedlander, founder of, said after the Peace Prize was announced that it would now "be very difficult for him to say no."

I for one would like to see former Vice President Gore shake things up a bit and get into the race. I think he would bring with him something that is currently missing from the current democratic presidential candidates. We already know Gore's position on global warming and the environment, and some feel this is one of the greatest challenges for the very existence of mankind. Gore is a very strong supporter of those less fortunate than he. I checked on some of Gore's feelings on gay rights from his position in 2000. Gore supports "civil union" but not "gay marriage." He would fight to stop any discrimination against same-sex unions. Gore would eliminate "don't ask, don't tell." Perhaps he has evolved in some of his views since 2000, but that would be known more if Gore begins a run for the White House.

Mr. Gore, if you read this, GO FOR IT!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finally, frost on the pumpkins! Well, that's not exactly frost on those pumpkins, but you get what I mean. I am sitting here at my computer and the temperature here in Mays Landing is 58 degrees F. WOW! Hard to believe that it wouldn't be until October 11th that the temperature would finally get out of the upper 70's to almost 90! I always thought global warming would be good because it would mean our NJ weather would become more Florida-like. However, I find the older I get (not that I'm getting old), the less I like the heat and humidity. I actually like cooler weather now. I am not yet ready for the snow and ice and anything below 50, but I'll take that over 90, hot and humid! We gotta stop global warming because I just might have to move to the Alaska if this keeps up! Believe me, I don't think there's too much to do there! (Where do the gay boys go to dance there)?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Was I A Cowboy?

What makes a gay man such as myself be so in love with country music? Maybe I was a cowboy in a previous life? Maybe it's due to my raising, with a grandfather that thought he was a cowboy? But whatever it is, I love today's country. I know country music is usually about loving the "woman" in your life. It's very conservative politically. I would never buy a Toby Keith CD or go to one of his concerts, but I must admit I like most of his songs. However I do turn the radio station when his "kick em in the ass" war songs come on. On occasion, I would venture to Woody's, one of Philly's best known and loved gay bars/clubs, on Friday night when the "gay cowboys" there would do their two-steppin. It was such an interesting site, these guys in hats and boots twirling around the floor, with re-mixed country music playing. So I must not be alone, and there are those country musician that do share the same beliefs as me, The Dixie Chicks and Willie Nelson ("Shut Up and Sing" and "Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly(Fond of each other)").

I am sitting here now listening to Brooks and Dunn's new CD, Cowboy Town. "Dirt, mud and dust, Bibles and beer. Outlaws, barbed wire, saddles and steers...In cowboy town, yeah, cowboy town. That's where I come from, cowboy town." Now there's some lyrics! Country songs are simple, I know. They talk about life and the stuff that happens, in ways I can understand without thinking too much. Maybe that's what I like. For example, a few months ago I wrote a post, "Jose Kicked My Ass" (July 2007). Brooks and Dunn know what I'm talking about. Tequila, one of the other songs on Cowboy Town puts my exact feelings to words: "Jose got me stumblin', mumblin' like a fool. That worm's got a kick like a Tennesse mule....Tequila. Goes down easy, Lord it'll sneak up on you fast...You don't go toe to toe with that little bitty worm."

I have found country music can help when one needs a good cry also. Put on some country songs, and the tears will begin to flow. You'll feel much better afterwards!

So, think what you will, but I will continue to love that music.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Day In New Hope

Spent a nice Fall Saturday in New Hope, Pa. with friends. I said a "nice Fall day," but it didn't feel too much like Fall as the temperature was in the mid 80's and a bit humid. (I can't wait for the cooler weather). But it was a nice day nonetheless, strolling New Hope, people watching, and just being in the company of good friends! The food and beer was great as was the conversation.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Not a huge Phillies fan, but I wish them the best today! GO PHILLIES...............Philadelphia needs some excitement and something to cheer about!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Just added another item to my 21st century technological port folio, a HDTV. FINALLY! I have been putting it off, always saying, "Maybe in January." (Don't ask me what's so important about January except it's closer to Super Bowl time). I love my new TV and I cannot believe I have been without it. The high definition channels are phenomenal, so vivid and clear. It really is "like you're there." The colors are so bright and the 3-D effect is fantastic. Like going from dial up to Broadband on my computer, I will never go back to regular TV again....even if I wanted to.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

San Diego Mayor Has A Change Of Heart On Gay Marriage

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders displayed a surprising change of heart on Wednesday when he signed a City Council resolution supporting a challenge to California's gay marriage ban. Sanders previously had gone on record saying he would veto the resolution. Sanders, who has a lesbian daughter and several gay staff members said, "In the end, I could not look any of them in the face and tell them that their relationships—their very lives—were any less meaningful than the marriage that I share with my wife Rana." Watch his news conference here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Republicans Still Divide

Of all the important things a presidential candidate could campaign on for the 2008 election, it looks like at least one Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, is still choosing to put opposition to gay marriage as one of his top priorities. Yesterday, Romney announced he will launch a radio ad citing his oppostion to gay marriage. Romney, who has come under criticism from conservatives for his past support of some gay rights issues, says he is the only major GOP candidate backing a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, and he is demonstrating his position by running a 60 second spot in which Romney says, "Not all Republican candidates agree, but defending marriage is the right thing to do." Why this issue you might ask? Romney's new ad is targeted directly at evangelical Christians who are crucial to Republican politics in Iowa. So, another pandering to the conservative, crazy, right-winged Christians! I thought the Republicans learned in the mid-term elections in 2006 that the American public is tired of the divisiveness. Hopefully I am not wrong. Hopefully voters will see through this smoke screen of an issue! Hopefully the Log Cabin Republicans will condemn such nonsense!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Evolution of Society

A few weeks ago my good friend, Medbh wrote the following words to me when I was contemplating participating in an event that could, and hopefully would, advance gay marriage in NJ:

"In twenty or thirty, or a hundred years from now, after our society has evolved, and legislation has been passed to ensure Everyone's rights ( much like the Emanicpation Proclamation and the women's right to vote), your name will be on papers that showed your nieces, grandkids, seventh cousins, etc., that you worked to pass that legislation."

What caught my eye, and my mind's eye in particular, were the words, "after our society has evolved". WOW!! It really hit me and made me think. I have never looked at the advancement of society as being an evolutionary process. Sure, like many, when I think of evolution, I think of whether or not humans came from apes, but I have never really thought of evolution as something that has created our society. YES! Society has evolved over the thousands of years of the existence of mankind. And society will continue to evolve long after I'm gone from this earth. So I began doing some research into this concept of societal evolution. I'm sure it's not a new concept, but for me it was.

I came across writings by Roy Posner entitled, The Four Stages of Society's Evolution, among many other articles and dissertations on the evolution of society. Posner states, "We will then begin our discussion of the keys to society's growth and success by discussing the stages that society has passed through on its way to its current social condition. By reviewing these stages it will help us understand where we've been, where we are today, and where we may be headed..."
Posner talks of four stages of evolution: the physical stage; the vital stage; the mental stage; and finally the spiritual stage. In the physical stage, humans were focused on their survival and existence. Peoples' social awareness was limited to the tribe and the existence of the tribe. In the vital stage humans began to engage others not of their own tribe. People began to trade with others, and there was thus a vast expansion of vitality in the vital stage. In the mental stage, humans begin to value the vast amount of knowledge accumulated from the past. People begin to understand the possibilities of freedom, initiative, and self-determinism. And finally, in the spiritual stage humans we begin to emerge through the mental stage, we perceive that even the power of mind cannot be the ultimate salvation for humanity.

As we evolve and become enlightened, we move from the self to others. Humans finally begin to realize that the freedoms of others. We are a long way from reaching our evolutionary final point, and I don't think that will ever come, but we are on the way to that. We should be participating and engaging in events in our society that better our society for others matters, and that society includes not only those in our immediacy but those throughout the world.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Where Do Those Suicide Bombers Come From?

Well, according to Ahmad al Shayea, Saudi Arabia. You see, Ahmad al Shayea was a suicide bomber that survived his attack, and he is now turned against al Qaeda and other terrorists. Al Shayea, who was disfigured during the attack, claims al Qaeda tricked him into becoming a bomber by asking him to deliver a tanker truck, which they had rigged with a bomb. He is now renouncing terrorism and has returned to Saudi Arabia to try and convince other would be suicid bombers that they are being misled, as he was, in carrying out such attacks. al Shayea was asked by al Qaeda to deliver a truck loaded with explosives, expecting to get away before the explosion. However, the truck was set to go off before he escaped. Now al Shayea says, "I think God took me out of death to show others what can happen....If you join al Qaeda, they will use you, and maybe you will die."

I find it most fascinating that according to Iraqi officials, more Saudis than any other nationality have responded to al Qaeda's call. But the US is fighting al Qaeda in Iraq so we won't have to fight them here!! Right?! But the Saudis, our allies and "friends" supply a good number of the terrorists to begin with. The Saudi government is trying to stop this recruitment. Saudi officials say they are escalating their fight against homegrown al Qaeda militants.

The Saudi government should be applauded for trying to stop those that would be suicide bombers, but are the real enemies of the US really in Iraq?

Friday, September 07, 2007

More Propaganda

Anyone else see the commercial yet from The one in which an injured soldier voices his opinion that Congress was right in continuing the war in Iraq and that we have to win because, "they attacked us..."? I find the commercial quite disturbing because it again tries to equate the "attack", the 9-11 attack I assume, as will most viewers, with the war in Iraq.

I have written to to let them know how inappropriate that commercial is and that I for one find it offensive. Please do the same! Enough men and women, American and Iraqi, have died because of the distorted truth!

Monday, September 03, 2007

An Honor To A Dead Soldier........And All The Troops

Country singer Tim McGraw has a new song out that brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear the song: If You're Reading This. Give the song a listen.

Despite what I think of the war, that it was based on lies and political gain only, I do support the troops. I support the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of our country, and answered the call despite the rationale behind the war. I am grateful to have men and women like that protecting our country. Mistakes are made by the soldiers, but they give it their best.......and in some cases, their all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In PTown

Day #3 in Provincetown, and everyday I am refreshed with the genuine sincerity of those I meet in this quaint little town. From day one when we checked into The Carpe Diem Guesthouse and was greeted by Jared and given the tour before going to our room, there was a real feeling of belonging, or being part of a family. I have met so many wonderful people. Jurgen and Hans are the owners of the House, one from Germany and the other from France, who moved here in the late 1990's to establish this place. Both are younger guys, and a couple I believe. Then there's Herbie, a retired English teacher, who makes sure all his "boys" are taken care of. I met a couple from Cannes, France the other night at the wine and cheese which takes place every evening from around 5PM. There are some guys here from Atlanta and a couple from good old Wenonah, NJ. Breakfast is prepared every morning by Jurgen and it is a hearty breakfast, not just bagels and the like. So, far, so good. It is off to a boat cruise tonight, then some more dancing at The A-House. Check in with you later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

In Boston (Part III-Provincetown)

Had a great ferry ride from Boston to Provincetown yesterday. It is so very relaxing to sit on the ferry and ride across the water, about a 90 minute cruise. The activity on the water, boats, etc., gradually decrease until there is nothing but water all around for about 20 minutes or so, then you begin to see more activity as you approach PTown.

Walked around PTown to get our VIP passes to events for Carvnival Week. The theme this year is Fary Tails, and you can guess the many characters one sees. There were lots of Wicked Witches, and as one comdian said, "There are a bunch of Dorothys here!" Went to the kickoff party at the Boatslip where the King and Queen of Carnival were chosen. Lots of good dancing as well. Lea DeLaria was the MC and many of the local PTown celebs entertained.

Today, it's a bit cloudy this morning, but supposed to get nicer as the day goes on. Not sure exactly what today will bring, but I am sure it will be fun!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

In Boston (Part II)

Had a great time in Beantown yesterday. Seemed to walk miles. Ended up going to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, then walked over to Newbury Street, nicknamed the Rodeo Drive of the East Coast. Even though it was a "tax free" weekend in Massachusetts, designed to encourage spending at a time of the year when spending is lower (the State of Mass reportedly will lose $17 million in revenue this weekend), we did not buy too much. On our walk to Newbury Street we went through Boston Common and saw alot of the city. It was then onboard the "T" Metro to Cambridge and a visit to Harvard Yard and its surroundings. Had lunch again this year at John Harvard's Brew House, a pub located in the basement of a building. There are stained glass windows surrounding the place and dark furniture. Had a great dark beer, I forget the name, but it certainly hit the spot on a warm afternoon. Then it was back to the hotel and dinner at a Japanese restaurant not too far from the hotel.

Today it is checkout at the Seaport, the Ferry to Provincetown at 1PM, then check in at the Carpe Diem Guesthouse for a crazy Carnival Week in PTown. Should be a blast!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

In Boston

Finally arrived in Beantown yesterday afternoon after an adventure with US Air. We arrived to the airport way before the 2 hour time to check in. I thought there seemed to be an awful lot of people in the lines, and I soon found out that many flights had been cancelled the night before, I guess because of the weather. We waited for about 2.5 hours, missing our 9:15AM flight. So we were booked on an 11:15AM flight. The only saving grace is US Air has a flight from Philly to Boston every hour. The flight itself was good, lasting about 40 minutes. Then when we arrived at the airport, my luggage came off, but MyGuy's didn't. How 3 pieces of luggage get checked in at the same time, and 2 make it but the 3rd does not, amazes, yes, Pax, amazes me! Finally, 2 or 3 flights later, the missing luggage arrived. I have never seen MyGuy get mad, but he let the poor kid at the luggage counter know about it! It's not the weather issue and the delays that angered us about US Air, but the attitude of the employees; they just don't seem to give a shit at all. I know they have had pensions taken away and other cuts due to US Air's bankruptcy in the past, but please! I have sworn I will never fly US Air or United again. Unforturnately, US Air is the only direct flight from Philly to Boston I know of, and US Air and United are priced well. (Maybe that explains why they went bankrupted and why their staff suck).

The Seaport Hotel, where we stay, is in the Seaport District right on the Harbor. Great view of all the boats and activity on the Harbor. Can also see the flights coming and going from Logan International. Very friendly staff, and a no tipping place! Yes, customers are told not to tip staff.

Heading out to see Boston today. Going to Faeuil Hall and Quincy Market, then found out it's a "tax free" weekend in Massachusetts this weekend, so off to Newbury Street to hit some shops. Hopefully we'll make it to the German restaurant we ate at before. MyGuy wants his knockers as he put it, but I think he meant knockwurst.

Keep you posted. The weather looks great! Warm and sunny, but not hot and humid.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dems On LOGO

Anyone see the forum of Democratic Presidential candidates last night on LOGO? It was quite enlightening, although the candidates really did not have the time needed to really delve into their positions on LBGT issues. Of course, the big area of question revolved around gay marriage. Only Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel favored marriage, while the other candidates support civil unions that would guarantee the same rights, federal that is, that all married couples have. John Edwards out and out stated he personally does not favor gay marriage. The others supporting civil unions seemed to skirt around the issue as to why civil unions, not marriage, but they all appeared eager to extend the same rights to same-sex couples in a civil union as a marriage. Dennis Kucinich made a very bold statement saying if one believes so much in equality, then that includes full gay marriage rights.

I thought Dennis Kucinich came across very favorably with the audience, which included Neil Patrick Harris, Alec Mappa, and other gay celebs. I just don't think Kucinich has what it will take to defeat the Republican candidate in 2008. I felt John Edwards was too "political," giving all the answers as if he were reading from a Q-card or memorized script. I am still torn between Hillary and Obama.

(By the way, the invite to participate in a similar forum was extended to the Republican candidates, and not one accepted).

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Nerve Of That Company!!

I don't usually write about my place of employment. Well, not directly! I sometimes make references in my posts, but it's not my habit of discussing what goes on at work. However, recently I heard of a great deal of scuttlebutt about a memo that was distributed informing staff that they needed to turn in a projected schedule for the upcoming week, and the schedule needed specific times as to when the person would be in the office, in the field, or at lunch. (There are many in my office that are "field" workers, not always in the office). This is not a new policy as it has been in effect since the beginning of time. THE NERVE OF THIS COMPANY!!! To expect its employees to be accountable! To expect the number of hours paid for a day's work is actually worked! This company is asking alot of its employees!

I get so sick and tired of the constant complaining about the job. It took me almost 25 years of working for this company to realize a truth: I DO NOT OWN THE COMPANY, SO WHY DO I THINK "THEY" CARE WHAT I THINK? If I worked for GM, or if I worked for Bob's Used Cars, or if I worked for Mobile Oil, as an employee of the company, it is my job to carry out the agenda that the owner sets. Sure, sometimes your opinion is asked for, but that is only to assist the owner in setting the stage for what the plan. If I ran my own business, it would be my job as owner and CEO to set forth the agenda and it would be the staff I had working for me to who would complete the tasks to acheive my agenda. I do not own this company; I am one of those staff. So why would I think that it was up to me to decide what happened and how it happened in this company? Why would I not think the owner of the company had every right to know where I was, and that I was doing what I was supposed to do during my workday?

Staff at the company I work for need to get real! There are really 3 choices each employee there has: get on board with what's expected and enjoy what you do to make our "customers" lives just a little better; suck it up, shut up, and be miserable to yourself; or find a new job or something within the current system that you do enjoy! Or better yet, start a "company" of your own and be the man in charge setting the agenda. Complain, complain, complain, but never take any action to better your position and lot in the company. I'm sure it is the same for those that work in other lines of work, but this truth that I learned is the same no matter where one works.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Little Challenger And I

I woke about 3am this morning, so I decided while I wake I'd go to the bathroom. In a zombie-like state, I made my way to the bathroom, and while there I thought I heard a noise that sounded like tin or metal clanking. I waited a minute and heard it again. At first I thought it was coming from another apartment, but then the noise sounded again. I slowly made my way to my kitchen listening to locate any sound. I turned on the kitchen light and not seeing anything, stood and listened some more. Then, coming from the utility closet in the kitchen was the noise. Maybe a bird making noise in the vent that goes up and out? Maybe the hot water heater banging? Then I remembered something. There is a mouse trap behind the hot water heater that has been there ever since I moved into the apartment about 5 years ago. The same hard piece of cheese or whatever it is in the trap is still there. I have never seen any signs of a mouse, but since the trap was there, obviously for a reason, I never bothered removing it. So what was caught in the trap? Maybe a bird? Maybe a bat? Maybe a flock of seagulls? Who knew? After looking at the door for a few minutes, I gingerly opened it, not knowing what would come flying or running out of the closet, and reached in to turn on the light. Then to my surprise as I looked in the direction of the trap was the noise-maker. A MOUSE!! A little grayish-brown mouse sitting on the trap, or rather trapped in the trap. It looked like either his tail or foot was caught and he was able to move behind the hot water heater, dragging the trap behind him, but caught behind the hot water heater by the pan under the device. The mouse could move only so far either way. What was I to do?

I stood there for about 10 minutes just trying to figure out how to get this critter out of there. I wondered if he was a wild field mouse or someones pet mouse that escaped and ended up in my apartment. I thought wild field mice came in when the weather was getting colder and food outside harder to locate. But it had been very hot, and maybe he wanted a cool place. But then again, maybe it was some kid's pet. Either way, I needed to do something, and I really did not have anything to reach in and get him. And what was I to do with him when I did get him? Kill him, which I could not bring myself to do? Let him go, after I got him out, of course? What? If I messed with the trap too much, I might just end up freeing him, then he'd be running around my apartment. So for a good 10-15 minutes I just thought. At 3:30am I really had no ideas, so I turned off the light, shut the door, and headed back to bed. I'd call someone in the morning, or maybe he'd be dead by then. I lay in bed listening for several minutes to see if I could still hear the little guy (or girl). Finally I fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later and went to see what was going on with my unwanted guest. I peeked in, but could not see the mouse. He had managed to get further behind the hot water heater. I grabbed a broom and tried to push him and the trap out, but could not. At this point, I was starting to get aggravated at inconvenience this little thing was causing me. He kept me from getting my sleep, and was interferring with my schedule at this point in time. I pulled a chair into the doorway of the utility closet so I could look over and down the hot water heater. And there he was, lying flat, still in the trap. I thought he was dead. I took a 4 foot long stick I had in the closet and touched the trap. The damn little mouse moved, still alive, but a bit more weary than he was earlier. I pushed the trap around to the side of the hot water heater so I could better decide what to do with the mouse. He ran back behind the hot water heater again, pulling the trap with him. Now I was pissed! "Damn you, little mouse. I am bigger, stronger, and smarter than you and I'm not putting up with this any longer! THIS IS WAR!" So I took the stick and pushed the trap and mouse back to the side of the hot water heater and positioned it so I could pick the trap up by the pin that set it off. I grabbed a pair of winter gloves from my closet, just in case he decided to bite me, and I took a brown paper bag from the cupboard. I was able to pick up the trap, with the rodent still attached, and put the trap and the mouse into the bag. I then ran it out to the dumpster and tossed it in. I HAD WON!!! I really didn't care at that point what happened to the varmint, and I did not care if it was wild or someones pet. He had, after all, invaded my territory and I wanted him gone!

I have since purchased another trap and set it just in case he had family. I realize if it was a wild mouse, he probably did not come alone, or if he did, more could make their way in as well. I am on my guard and I will be watching and waiting!

Monday, July 30, 2007

UPS Caves In

UPS has agreed to Governor Jon Corzine's request and will grant health benefits to NJ Civil Union same-sex couples. UPS stated that after receiving clear guidance from NJ, which recognizes same-sex couples joined in Civil Union equal to married couples, it will offer health care benefits to all its employees. Back on July 20th, Governor Corzine sent a letter to UPS requesting it grant all same-sex Civil Union couples this benefit, but UPS held it was contractual agreement with the Teamsters Union that prevented health benefits from anyone other than "married" couples.

This is still just the beginning of the same-sex marriage issue in NJ. Most couples joined in Civil Union are still not receiving the same benefits as married couples, per the NJ Supreme Court's wishes.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jose Kicked My Ass

That's right: Jose kicked my ass! Jose Cuervo, that is! Went to my friend, Pax's last night to celebrate his birtday, and I had to resort back to my sophmoric college days!! (The reality is I never even did this in college). After having a couple glasses of wine, somewhere inbetween that and a beer, I ended up doing four shots of Jose Cuervo! Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good. My friend, who went with me to the party, and I left Pax's, and I must say my driving was excellent; slowed down appropriately when a policeman ended up behind us, and I did not even suddenly make a U-turn in the middle of the road when I missed a right hand turn I was supposed to take. On the ride home, my friend stated that he stays away from tequila because it gives him a killer headache. "That's because you're not a real man, and I am," I replied.

Well, this morning I realized what my friend was talking about. (I occasionally drink tequila in a cocktail or on the rocks, but, as I stated before about not doing something in college, I have never just drank shots of tequila). I woke up around 7:30AM this morning with a so-so headache. I stood up to make my way to the bathroom and I was leaning to the right as I walked! As I stood in the bathroom, my stomach started doing the "heave-hoe" dance. I waiting, expecting to loose all that was still therein, but didn't, so I made it back to bed and slept a couple more hours. Then I woke again, yearning a cup of coffee and something to eat, thinking I was probably hungry and eating would help. I walked to the kitchen, head pounding, and leaning to the left this time. I made 2 pieces of toast with a little jam and a cup of java. I ate about 2 bites of the toast before the "heave-hoe" dance started again. I tried to eat as much of the toast as I could, finishing about half a piece and downing about half the cup of coffee. I also managed to take 2 motrin, and back to bed I went. I woke again around 11:30AM. And this time, all was well! I ate a small bowl of cereal and went about my day!

Never again! Until the next time that is!!!! I remember those days on occasional when I was younger. The feeling of the room spinning and the stomach upping everything it could, then even what felt like the stomach lining! Gotta be the worst feeling in the world!

But thanks, Pax! I had a great time despite this morning. There were alot of laughs and joking going on amongst friends. It truly was what a birthday celebration is all about!

Friday, July 13, 2007

A Victory Over Local Discrimination

It was reported today by The Press of Atlantic City that Millville Police Chief Ron Harvey announced his retirement on Thursday. The 55 year old chief was among three Millville Police officers, Sgt. Michael Harvey, Chief Harvey's son, and lieutenants Edward Zadroga and Thomas Rominishin, currently under investigation for alleged discrimination against fellow officer Robert Colle, who is gay. Although the specific allegations have not yet been made public, Colle believes he has been mistreated simply for being gay. In June, the officers named in the discrimination allegations filed a petition in court to not be subject to disciplinary action because of the mistreatment of Colle. This hearing goes to court in the fall. Chief Harvey has been on medical leave and was scheduled to return to work July 30th. He has now said, in the midst of the discrimination investigation, that he will not be returning to the force.

Although I do not know Colle very well, I have had the opportunity to meet him. I want to applaud Bob for not allowing the Millville Police Department to treat him or any other gay individual, in a disrespectful manner. Millville is a small town that still has alot to learn about treating people fairly.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Do Your Part

Did you answer the call? I am talking about the call from Live Earth to make your pledge to answer the SOS to help save our earth. I watched much of the entertainment and info yesterday. It was on 3 channels for awhile, and I was switching between them to watch what I liked. The rap crap as I call it, had to go. And when 2 of the channels had Kelly Clarkson and Madonna on at the same time, I had to tip my hat to Diva, Madonna. Sorry Kelly, I like you, but Madonna is still just a bit better in my humble opinion.

In addition to suggestions given during yesterday's broadcast, I have come up with some idea of my own to save our planet:

1. Instead of just waiting until I have a full load of clothes to wash, I will do one better and not
wash my clothes until after I have worn them 3 times or more; my bedsheets will not be
washed for at least 1 month;
2. I will reuse all my toilet paper;
3. I will take my used napkins and lie them out to dry, then reuse them a 2nd, maybe even a
3rd time;
4. I will only get the newspaper every other day because the news isn't worth reading anyway;
5. I will wait until my trash can is about to overflow before compacting it and taking it to the

Honestly, I have made my pledge to do my part. I have changed some lightbulbs already with the more energy efficient ones. I vow to change more. I will honestly do only full loads of wash, and use only papertowels that are recylced. I will try to eat less meat, saving grain used to feed the animals we eat. (Sorry, I cannot go vegetarian as I like my meat too much). And when I get ready to purchase my new car in 6 months to a year, I will seriously look at the Toyota Prius. In addition, I will try to use less heat/ac.

Will you do your part as well?

Friday, July 06, 2007

No Blood Donation

Today at work, someone walked by a group of three or four of us and said the blood donation mobile was out in the parking lot if anyone wanted to give blood. I commented that I cannot give blood. One of my coworkers said, "Get out," another said, "You'll pass out," and another said, "You're just scared." I further stated, "No, I'm serious. I cannot give blood." Now my lifestyle is no secret at work; most, if not all of my collegues, know I'm gay. Finally one woman asked me, "Why can't you give blood?" I said, "because I'm gay and they won't take a gay person's blood." Her response was, "You gotta be kidding me! In this day and age?!"

Yes, it's true! The American Red Cross will not allow a gay person, well actually, "if you are a man and have had sex with another man, even once." to donate blood. Even in the year 2007, gay men are excluded from donating blood. The Red Cross checks blood after it's been collected, and if not able to be used due to infection, discards that blood. Even so, a gay man cannot donate. Even during a catostrophic incident, such as Katrina, when blood is desperately needed, the Red Cross will not take the blood of a gay man.

Discrimination? Perhaps. Can't a woman be HIV+? How many men lie about not having any sexual encounter with another man? Maybe it's time the Red Cross move into the 21st century and change its policy.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Proud To Be An American? YES, But......

Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a pickup truck that read, "IF YOU CAN READ THIS, THANK A TEACHER; IF YOU CAN READ THIS IN ENGLISH, THANK A VETERAN." My first thought was what would be so bad if I was reading that in another language besides English? And wasn't' it some European who developed English, not the Americans? So what does me being able to read the bumper sticker in English have anything whatsoever to do with anything. Was the bumper sticker insinuating that I have all the liberties afforded Americans, one of which is to read English, because of the sacrifice of a Vet? Or did it mean a US Vet brought English over to America sometime ago? But it couldn't be that because the British I believe, brought over English. And it certainly were Vets that fought the British to gain our Independence, but the British still speak English today, so what's that got to do with America? Or, could it just be the arrogance that Americans have thinking we are the only worthwhile country in the world that speaks English? Ahhhhh............I think I have my answer.

This Fourth of July 2007, US Independence Day, I will state vehemently, "I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!" I love my country and the freedoms I have here. I can freely write what I write here without fear of being arrested. I can bash my president, the imbecile that he is, without fear of the gestapo rushing into my door. But there are many freedoms, which I have discussed in other texts, that I do not yet have. But as a proud American, I also realize that I am not better than anyone in any other nation! I am not so arrogant to believe my way of life is the best necessarily.

Americans are really fed a lot of good old fashioned HOGWASH! Instead of being taught as children that we are part of the world community, we are told time and time again that America is the only way of life, that Americans are somehow better than anyone else in the world, and that if you do not live as America says you should, you are somehow less a person. I often wonder if other children in other nations are taught to be so adamant about just how good they are. Well, I know the Soviet Russian kids were, and of course, the Nazi youth were! MMMMM.......are we as Americans no better than Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany? Why, yes, of course we are.....because we're Americans! That makes propaganda and brainwashing OK then.

PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN???? YES. But also proud to be part of this great big old world! Proud to admit that I am no better than anyone else, maybe just luckier because I happen by chance to have been born into a free society. So......should I thank a Vet, or should I just thank God, or Fate, or Karma, or whatever it was that put me here?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Gay News

Three former leaders of Exodus International, an "ex-gay" ministry that claims it can "cure" gays, including co-founder, Michael Bussee, have issued a public apology to those it claimed to have helped. The statement issued said, "Some who heard our message were compelled to try to change an integral part of themselves, bringing harm to themselves and their families." The statement continued, "Although we acted in good faith, we have since witnessed the isolation, shame, fear and loss of faith that this message creates." Psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals have long stated that so-called "conversion" therapies offered little or no benefit, and could even be harmful to those subjected to them. The former leaders of Exodus International now agree.

In other gay news, a new poll shows that the majority of younger Americans favor gay marriage. Seems the kids, ages 17-29, are also interested in immigration reform and universal healthcare for Americans. The poll was conducted nationwide between June 15 and June 23, and was a joint undertaking from The New York Times, CBS News, and MTV. In all, 659 respondents were polled, between the ages of 17 - 29. The margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points.

I attended the gay pride parade in NYC last weekend, and it was a tremendous feeling seeing the thousands of people line the streets of 5th Avenue to view the parade. The parade began on 52nd Street, in the heart of the Big Apple, not relegating the gays to the backstreets for the march. I felt a tingle as public officials, particularly Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn, as well as the NYC gay policemen and firemen, marched proudly through the streets.

I feel the tide turning. The Conservatives, lead by George W., have had their say. They have basically f**ked things up, and the non-issues they constantly tout, such as the evil gays and the need for family values which they themselves do not emulate, are no longer "bought" as much by the public. As the poll mentioned above indicates, most do not care who marries whom, but realize there are many more important real issues the US faces!

Monday, June 25, 2007

NYC Gay Pride 2007

Some scenes from the Big Apple's 2007 Gay Pride Parade/Celebration

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Let The Parade Begin

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A Real Cutie

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Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Quinn

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Equal Rights, Please

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Her Mom's Gay! That's OK!

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My Thoughts Exactly!

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NYPD Gay Pride

Friday, June 22, 2007

June Is Gay Pride

June is the celebration of gay pride. Most major cities have parades and other festivities to mark gay pride. Tomorrow, MyGuy and I will be heading off to NYC to celebrate!! Give an udate when we return.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer's Begun

Whew! A busy Memorial Day Weekend so far. Today is just a relax at home, eat a few burgers and sit back!

Started the weekend on Saturday planting flowers. Bought my favorite Begonias. Easy to care for and very hardy. Began at my significant other's (henceforth known as MyGuy) house turning the soil and preparing the flower beds. I was much surprised because it turned out an easier task than I expected. Not too many weeds, and the soil turned easy. A cute little robin would not leave us alone. He kept jumping around us, never seeming to mind that we were humans and his enemy! I believe he was a pretty smart robin because he knew the worms and bugs would be easier to get to after we prepared the soil. After a few hours there, I brought the remaining Begonias back to my apartment and planted some pots on my apartment balcony. I was not going to "waste" the money for plants on my balcony this year, but I am glad I did. They look fabulous!

Saturday night, I kicked off the summer season by joining some friends at The Pier Shops at Caesars, first having a beer at Trinity, the Irish Pub, then eating a fantastic meal at Contintental. MMMMMMM!!! Seared tuna! Then, off to one of the AC beach bars to have a beer, listen to the music and watch the crazy drunks dance! I wasn't really in the dancing mood so I just sat and enjoyed. One rather drunk young man kept coming over to our table to dance, jiggling his ass and saying, "what do you think of that?" Still not sure if he wanted Joey or Patsy, but I don't believe he could have done much with either, being so wasted. But he was having fun, and so were were.

Sunday night it was Woodys Bar in Philly to dance the night with the boys. I really did not want to go but was talked into it and I am glad I did. Been awhile since I've been to Woodys, and it was actually fun, fun, fun! Ran into a nasty thunderstorm as we drove over the Ben Franklin Bridge and the winds and rains kicked up once in Philly. I have never experienced Philly in a thunderstorm and it was quite interesting. I enjoyed watching the pedestrians running for cover once the rains came.

So the Summer has begun. Looking forward to NYC for a weekend in June, and Boston and PTown in August for Carnival. That, and hopefully the usual poolside and beach side adventures, in addition to the BBQ's and family gatherings that make summer so much fun!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Question

It’s 2017. The US has been so busy in the Middle East that it has let its guard down and not been able to protect its borders as well as it should. China launched the attack in 2014, and overthrew the existing President and Congress, and has now helped the US establish a new government. The US people were able to vote, but that government, of course, was created by the Chinese authorities and it’s pretty ineffective. What do you assume the reaction of the people of the US is?

There are, of course, insurgent groups carrying out attacks against the Chinese troops occupying the US. These insurgents attack when most inconvenient to the Chinese troops. The insurgents are called “terrorists” and the varying insurgent groups often fight each other as well; each wants to be in power. The Americans call for the occupying Chinese to leave, but the Chinese government insists it must stay because that is what the American people need and want. The Chinese government tries to decide what to do with the US in order to leave so its people are not killed and the US is not left in utter chaos.

A fantasy? I hope so! But it does sound somewhat familiar, doesn’t it? The US in Iraq. Today I read in the paper that another Senator, Sam Brownback, is calling for Iraq to be divided into three states and separate the warring factions. Brownback is not the first to call for this division, but what hit me was, “Why is the US, anybody in the US, telling Iraq what should and should not be in a country that is not the US’s in the first place?” Who is the US to decide what is best for Iraq? And what makes the US not understand why the Iraqi’s hate it? Would the US just sit back if China or some other country overthrew the government and occupied the country? I think not!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Trying to Redeem Himself

Isaiah Washington of Grey's Anatomy does a public service announcement to be aired on ABC. Every little bit of help for the GLBT community helps.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

What Choice To Make?

Yesterday I wrote about making choices. I stated that we all have choices to make in life and we choose what our lot in life is. I also admitted it's sometimes easier said than done to make good choices. It's not always easy to figure out which choice is the best. Today, in Parade, the magazine that comes in the Sunday newspapers, I was given a realization why it is so hard to make the right choice in life. In Parade there were 2 articles that puzzled me. One article was titled, "How to Jumpstart Your Diet," by Michael O'Shea. O'Shea gave tips in the article on dieting, one of which was to eat foods that make you feel fuller than foods that leave you hungry soon after eating them. O'Shea said apples are nutricious and make you feel full. So eating apples is good, right? Well I always thought so. Then a few pages later in Parade, was another article titled, "How to Stop the Sneezing," by Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld. In the article, Dr. Rosenfeld summarized 4 ways to help allergies, one of which was to "avoid certain raw foods-like apples, pears and carrots-which contain a protein that resembles pollen and causes a reaction in people who have pollen allergies." Well, I thought apples were nutricious and good for you? Which choice to make?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Choice Is Yours

About 8 months ago, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died after swimming with sting rays and getting stung. About 3 weeks ago in Mays Landing, a guy who had robbed 2 banks in the area was running from police, smashed his vehicle, got out of the car and fled on foot, was confronted by a police officer, was shot and killed. Yesterday in Mullica Township (Atlantic County), a 30 year old Hammonton man riding a dirt bike was being pursued by police, when he ran a red light and hit a vehicle, then was thrown from his bike and smashed into another car, being killed! What these 3 guys have in common is that they all made a choice, then paid with their lives by the consequences of these choices. All our choices come with consequences!

We have all made choices throughout our lives, some of those choices good and some not so good. We have all had to live with the consequences of the choices we have made. If you choose to swim with the rays or chase after crocodiles and pull them by the tail, you may become famous and have your own tv show, but you also risk getting hurt! If you choose to rob a bank, sure, you may get away with a ton of money and live happily ever after, but you also may get shot and killed. If you run away from the police, you may get lucky and return home safely, but you also may end up in jail or dead!

The more of life I experience, the more important it becomes to me that the choices we make are so very important. We hope to make good, smart choices that get us ahead in life. We all want to do things that make life easier and more enjoyable. But we're all human and making bad choices, out and out mistakes, happens! We can make all the excuses in the world we want to as to why things have happened, but the bottom line is we all make choices. I am not so naive to believe that it's easier for some people to make a good choice than others, and I also realize that depending on your situation in life it is easier to make some choices than others. I know it is easier for a 25 year old to leave a job he is dissatisfied with as opposed to a 45 year old with a family and kids depending on him/her to bring home the bacon. Speaking of which, I hear coworkers all the time moan and groan about their work. Quite honestly, I often come to the point where I just feel like saying, "Get a new job then!" Again, it's one's choice to be in a certain line of work, and if it makes ones life that miserable, then get out and do something else!

So we all make choices. And we've all made those horrid, life-altering choices that can really mess things up. So what? Where do we go from there? Well sooner or later, you have to stop the pity party and choose to alter things and make them right again. We all get knocked down in life, but what we do after getting knocked down is what's important. Do we lie on the ground, crying, "Whoa is me!" Or do we get up off our asses, dust ourselves off, and make another choice to get things right again?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

You're A Rich Girl

"You're a rich girl, and you've gone too far 'Cause you know it don't matter anyway. You can rely on the old man's money..." (Rich Girl, John Hall and Daryl Oates). Let me try to find some sympathy. Let me try to shed some tears! Hope Daddy's proud of you now!

I would usually show some compassion to a young person being sent away to jail, but somehow I cannot in this case!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hate Crimes Bill Faces A Veto??!!

Sometimes it's hard to believe we live in 2008! Sometimes it's hard to believe we live in the US, supposedly one of the most advanced societies on the face of the Earth. Sometimes I am just flabbergasted and at the same time appalled. To think that Congress yesterday passed a bill that extends federal hate crimes to include crimes against gays and lesbians and gender-based hate crimes, but the bill faces a Bush veto is simply so very hard to believe. And the main reason why the bill faces a veto? Conservatives and religious groups feel the bill will target ministers who speak against homosexuality. Others think the bill will elevate the status of homosexual to that of other minorities! A hate crime is a hate crime! And whatever group is included in the law is just a plus in my book!

I am so sick of the "holier than thou" minority forcing its beliefs on me! I am so tired of the religious right running this country! It's time we all stand up and say, "Enough is enough!" I don't oppose any one's religious beliefs, so don't oppose my freedoms either! I hope, and pray, that Congress has enough votes to override any veto of Bush.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Circle of Life

This weekend was an intersting lesson in the "Circle of Life" for me. On Friday evening, I went to a retirement dinner for a former co-worker of mine. The lady is certainly not ancient by any stretch of the imagination, but nonetheless, is retiring after 30+ years of work. (Congratulations, Judy)! Then on Saturday morning, I went to the funeral of my 80 year old grandmother. Although Grandma Ethel and I were not that close in the past several years, I do remember some of the times I spent with her in my earlier years, and how much she amazed me at the wonderful arts and crafts type stuff she could do. Then finally on Saturday afternoon, I attended a birthday party for a 1 year old girl! The full gamut of life: a child, someone retiring from work to enjoy those "golden" years, and death!
And so goes the "Circle of Life"! Each and everyday someone is born, someone goes to work, someone retires, and someone dies! Every now and again, stuff happens in between, like the situation at Virginia Tech. Although we all hope to enjoy the "Circle" in the order in which it is supposed to happen, birth, life, work, death, it does not alway follow that path. We try to explain stuff when it happens in all kinds of ways, but as the saying says, "Stuff (just) happens!" No matter what the reason, it just does! There's not a damn thing anyone of us can do about it or prevent it from happening. All we can do is pick up the pieces the best we can after the stuff of life occurs.
So what do I learn from this? Don't spend my time worrying about the stuff that can happen. Keep living, and enjoy doing it! And when the time comes for stuff to come into my life, which it surely will, move on and don't let it stop life's enjoyments!