Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A couple days early, but as the Jack-O-Laterns guard the House, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who Is Obama? My Quest to Find Out

The other day I tried to really find out who Barack Obama is. What a better way to do so than to travel to the South Side of Chicago and see for my self what this man is all about.

I arrived in front of his huge mansion, gated and unpenetrable. There didn't seem to be anyone around, so I went into town to see what I could find. As I approached an Islamic Mosque, there seemed to be quite a few people hanging around. I made my way around the crowd, up the steps, and into the vestibule of the Mosque. There, kneeled on the floor, was Mr. Obama himself, facing east and praying to Allah! His head wore a covering and the Quaran was opened in front of him. Not wanting to disturb Mr. Obama, I waited patiently outside.

As Mr. Obama came out of the Mosque, I approached to say hello. Mr. Obama told me to move along as he did not think I was as wealthy or as good as he. He could not be bothered with such a minute being as me. What an elitist! However, I was not to be stopped so I followed Mr. Obama and watched as he stood at a podium. "To Hell with Life," Mr. Obama shouted! "You know I do not believe in the sanctity of life! You know I don't care about the unborn!" Mr. Obama continued. "Get ready, People! I am about to raise your taxes and make your life miserable! I will increase the size and role of the government in your lives! That's what I'm all about!" What a speech!

Mr. Obama got into his vehicle and left. I could see him heading toward his home. I made my way there, and as I approached, I could see there was a gathering. It looked like a barbeque was about to take place. I went around back and peeked through a small hole in the fence. I saw Osama bin Laden and other men who I recognized as terrorists holding their drinks and talking with Mr. Obama! They're right! Obama does "pal around with terrorists!"

Of course none of this happened. Just like all the other misinformation that is spewed about, the above account is also incorrect and imagined fear about an Obama Presidency. I do know who Barack Obama is, and I believe he is the one candidate for President that will bring about the true change this country needs!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin Lookin' Good

First it was reported that the GOP spent $150,00.00 to dress Sarah Palin, and over $50,000.00 for make up. Today it has been noted that Palin's stylist has been paid $22,800.00, more than her political advisor who has only been paid $12,500.00.

John McCain is sure trying to make sure Palin looks good! Never mind that she doesn't know much about foreign policy or other political matters! As long as she looks good! To think that McCain and the GOP really believe people, especially women, will fall for that is ridiculous! But wait, people are falling for that! To date, almost 50% of those polled view Palin favorably. Fortunately that number is falling. I dubbed Palin the "Messiah of the Republican Party" when McCain first named her as his VP running mate. I was blown away by the support of Palin. I do not believe Palin is stupid as some assert. I think she's probably a very nice lady, a good family woman, and maybe even a good Governor. But VP, perhaps President at anytime! NO WAY!

You might look good Sarah, but soon, I am hoping and praying, you'll fade off into the sunset, never to return to national politics! And John McCain, if things go well, he'll serve the remainder of his term in the Senate, then retire in the desert of Arizona.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell: A HUGE Endorsement For Obama

Colin Powell today announced his endorsement for Barack Obama. What a huge endorsement this is!

First of all, Powell is a Republican. When a perosn of Powell's status does not support one of his own, this is a big thing! For someone as prominent as Colin Powell to lend his support to someone in the opposite party he must have very strong feelings either for the person he's endorsing or against the person he's not. Powell said that Obama has shown the "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign." Powell also hinted at not favoring McCain's negative campaign.

Secondly, Powell was the former Secretary of State under George W. It was Powell who had to "sell" the Iraq War to the UN Security Council. It was Powell who was "used" by Bush & Company to spread misinformation so the Security Council would grant Bush permission to eventually invade Iraq. Powell, probably more than anyone else, was duped into believing Iraq had WMD's and was a direct threat to the US. Powell, unlike other former Bush men and women, left the Bush Administration and has yet to say anything bad about Bush. I believe Powell has too much respect for the Office of the President to denigrate it in any way. I do think Powell will eventually speak out against the whole mess when George W. leaves office. Powell's endorsement of Obama could be the start of Powell's commentary on the Iraq War.

Thirdly, Powell is a very BIG figure in US politics. He is well respected by both Republicans and Democrats. Most view Powell as a no-nonsense, unpolitical man who puts the best interest of his country ahead of his own fame and power. The respect for Powell will win over some of those still undecided as to who to vote for in a few weeks, and it may even change the minds of others.

Thank you, Mr. Powell. Thanks for seeing the truth and putting aside politics.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some (Not So) Scary Scarecrows

A couple of scarecrows I came across in Mays Landing. (So the one is a statue, not a scarecrow. I liked her anyway. "Cool drink, anyone").

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Finally Did It

For most of my life, probably since my early teen years, I have been interested in fitness. Off and on, more on than off fortunately, I have been a member of a gym or worked out in my home/neighborhood (jogging) regularly. With retirement in my not too distant future, I have thought about things in my life I like to do that could become a vocation, or if nothing else, a hobby when I do decide I've had enough work. I love photography, so I went out and bought myself a nice Olympus SLR Digital camera a few months ago. I also have been toying with the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer. I finally started that goal by obtaining my Personal Fitness Trainer Certification from the American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) & International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA). In a few weeks I will be hopefully receiving my Phase II Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. My future plans are to become certified in Strength and Conditioning as well as Sports Nutrition.

What I'm going to do with these certs is still something I'm playing with. I am not trying to become a trainer to turn any young stud into Mr. Universe. My objective is to focus more on older adults and people who just want to take them of themselves as they age. I think an older person might be more comfortable with someone like me as a trainer rather than a 25 year old Muscle Head. Also with my experience with people with Special Needs, my trainer certs may come in handy as well.

I'm not sure I want to work a "second job" in a fitness center or do my own thing. The experience in a gym would be a very good thing, so I just might start that way. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall Is Among Us

The cool evenings and cooler days of Fall. My favorite time of the year!