Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Please Put Your Money Where You Heart Is

After watching the devastation and destruction that Hurricane Katrina brought to New Orleans, Bilouxi and vicinity, I couldn't help but make a contribution to the Red Cross. I am requesting that each one of you do the same. Just a small amount is all that is needed collectively make a difference.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fallen Heroes Memorial

Just found the Fallen Heroes Memorial website. Give it a look.

Forgive and Forget?

Awwww.....Terrell Owens! Remember him? He's the one that caused all the drama in Eagles training camp just a few short weeks ago. He played in his first pre-season game last night against the Bengals and he had what was considered a great game. He and McNabb connected on the first play of the game for a long TD pass. So, now we can just forget all the fuss TO created? We can just put it aside because to win means everything? No matter what the cost, it is the end, the win, that matters? I had to cringe as I watched fans scream and yell for TO. A picture in the newspaper this morning of little boys, one with a "T" and the other with an "O" painted on their chests, arms waving in the air, made we wonder what kind of a message has TO sent to our children? What kind of message are our children still getting? Is it one that says when you don't get your own way, pout, throw a fit, and maybe you will get what you want? I only hope that the message our children get is that you can get upset about something, but need to cool off, and come back into line. Only TO's behavior in the future will determine what kind of message the children receive. And come on TO...grow up. Do you know how much wasted energy you are exerting by not speaking to McNabb?

Why ARE We In Iraq?

Last week in The Press of Atlantic City, Voice of the People (August 23, 2005), a writer wrote a letter to the editor informing anyone who questions why the US invaded Iraq that they need to ask the families of the 9-11 victims why we're in Iraq. So I did a little research on what some of the families of the 9-11 attacks had to say about the war in Iraq, and the battle in Afghanistan.
In September 2003, several dozen family members of people killed in the 9-11 attacks led about 2,000 supporters in a candlelight procession down Broadway from Union Square to the site where the World Trade Center once stood. There the group formed a vast ring around the site of what was once the World Trade Center, and held a vigil called to both remember those who died in the 9-11 attacks and to oppose US military action in Iraq. This demonstration, organized by those who lost family members in the 9-11 attacks, opposed the lie that the attack on Iraq was justified by 9-11. (www.wsws.org, 9/12/03).
The attack on Iraq struck many emotions of the 9-11 victims and families. “Personally, it feels like Sept. 11 all over again,” said Kelly Campbell, co-founder of September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. “Only this time, it’s the people of Iraq that will experience what we’ve gone through…” Campbell’s brother-in-law, Craig Amundson, 28, was killed in the attack on the Pentagon. Campbell further stated that “the president has never provided anything resembling a link between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein, yet he continues to use our loved ones’ deaths to promote this unrelated war….And we’re very worried that this very unpopular war is really going to fuel the fires of terrorism.” (www.USATODAY.com, 3/20/03). The September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows held a “No More Victims” panel in NYC on September 8, 2002 to promote public dialogue on alternatives to war (www.pww.org/article/articleprint/1947) .
Talat Hamdani, mother of Salman Hamdani, 23, another victim of the World Trade Center attack said, “What (the terrorists) have done is wrong, but if we respond the same way, what is the difference between them and us?” Hamdani asks, “Whoever dies, it’s still a mother’s child that dies. Somewhere a mother cries. That is what the world does not seem to understand.” One year after 9-11, Hamdani and many others, questioned whether war was the answer. (www.war-times.org/issues/5art.html) .
So, to the writer of the letter, who, like George Bush, wrongly links 9-11 to Iraq, I have a few things to say. First of all the families of the victims of 9-11 do not all want revenge through more death and destruction. Secondly, there was never any connection between 9-11 and Iraq. So, why the U.S. is there, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with 9-11. Thirdly, I again ask the question, “Why are we in Iraq?”
People still continue to believe Bush's bullshit trying to link Iraq/Hussein with the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Why does anyone believe anything Bush says? He has done nothing but distort the truth since "stealing" his way in to the White House.

Friday, August 26, 2005

A Positive Slant On Being Gay

Rick Evans, a manager, planner, trainer, and leadership coach for over 20 years, wrote a very inspirational article, "The gift of being gay," on Advocate.com (August 23, 2005). The synopsis of Rick's writing is, "if gay men are, as is increasingly revealed through research, natural components of the human spectrum, we must have particular gifts to offer our fellow human beings. What might those be? Let’s start a dialogue." Rick took on some interesting research about gay men throughout history and how society viewed them, and what "gifts" gays have given to those societies. One example is the Native American Indian concept of gay men as sharmas, spiritual healers of the tribe, who are neither masculine nor feminine. Rick states that, "Certainly, all individuals have gifts of various types and degrees to offer. Just as traditional masculine and feminine roles call for certain gifts, so there may be a genetic gift in being gay. Additionally, we all have our own personal gifts to offer, whether we’re gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender. Society would benefit if we all realized our gifts more fully." These gifts are developed in if we're raised in a nurturing enviornmnent. And each gay individual should strive to find out what his gift is. My hope is that gay individuals, especially younger gay men and women, would realize they are not "less than human" because they are different, but that their differences would be seen as an asset to society.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Slow Down. Take A Walk. Relax!

I went out for my jog last night. I must admit, because of the heat this summer my outdoors runs have not been consistent. But last night was beautiful so I ended up going a little further than normal, which meant taking a different route back. After running, I walked an area I don't usually walk. I drive past this same area everyday, sometimes several times a day. I noticed the muskrat I occasionally see along the road in a small stream, but this time I noticed he wasn't alone; he had 3 other friends with him. As I walked a little further, in the same little stream of water, I saw a fish swimming and some little critters jump into the water. I wasn't really sure what they were, frogs, tadpoles, whatever, but I had never noticed them before.
It is amazing what different things you notice when you take the time to walk. You can drive a route hundreds of times and never see certain things. I can remember one time, when I lived in a different town, I had to walk to work one day. There behind a bunch of trees was a old house I never knew existed. I had never seen this old house from my car while driving by. Had I not walked past, I probably wouldn't know that house was there to this day. Whether you're in the country or city, you're gonna see things you never saw before.
Try it sometime. Take a nice long walk and just notice what you've been missing. Not only is walking great exercise, but it is a way to really relax. Just take an hour or so and slow down. Put everything out of your mind, the daily crap that has happened, and just walk. Look around. See what is there that you never knew before. You'll not only do your physical body some good, but your mental/spiritual being will also be enhanced.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gotta Love The Christian Attitude!

Televangelist and Conservative Christian Right leader Pat Robertson is advocating the assisination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez because Mr. Robertson believes Chavez is a "a terrific danger" bent on exporting Communism and Islamic extremism across the Americas. Wow! I am sure glad the Jesus that I was taught about would never, never teach such nonsense! I am getting so sick and tired of so-called Christians preaching such hatred. The term "Christian" means "Christ-like." But why are so many Christians so "Christ-unike"? The entire Church of Christ needs to condemn Robertson and his type, and start being "Christ-like."

Monday, August 22, 2005


Join A.N.S.W.E.R....Act Now to Stop War & End Racism!

Victory Is....by Mark Fiore

What is victory? See what Mark Fiore thinks..............

Two Different Perspectives...One Who's Been There; One Who Hasn't

Throught this country, it seems that people either passionately support the war in Iraq or passionately seek its end. Everyone seems to have his or her own perspective on this war and whether US objectives are being met or not. Two such men, US Senator Max Cleland, and President George Bush pointed this out just this weekend. Bush gave his perspective on the progress in Iraq, and Cleland gave his. But, who to believe? Do we believe a man who was in battle, a triple amputee, or do we believe someone who spent most of his military service dodging his duty and never, never seeing battle? Bush's perspective, still trying to make that connection to 9-11 and Iraq, was, "since that day we have taken the fight to the enemy." Cleland, on the other hand, "I learned in Vietnam that the best way to support our troops is to either give them the forces and equipment needed to win or bring them home so we can care for those who have borne the battle." I don't know about you, but I tend to believe someone who has actual experience in any situation before I'll believe someone who just "thinks" about it. Nobody knows what something is really like unless he has actually lived through it. So, sorry Mr. Bush. I have to believe Senator Cleland on this one.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Even Some Republican Leaders Are Worried

GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, Nebraska, said Sunday that the war in Iraq has destabilized the Middle East and is looking more like the Vietnam conflict from a generation ago. "We should start figuring out how we get out of there," Hagel said on "This Week" on ABC. "But with this understanding, we cannot leave a vacuum that further destabilizes the Middle East. I think our involvement there has destabilized the Middle East. And the longer we stay there, I think the further destabilization will occur." Hagel went on further to say, "stay the course" is not a policy. "By any standard, when you analyze 2 1/2 years in Iraq ... we're not winning." Hagel is not new to war. He earned 2 purple hearts and other honors for his service in Vietnam. And Hagel is beginning to realize that Iraq is going to turn into the new Vietnam. So even leading GOP members are starting to question Bush's plan for Iraq. In reality, there really is no plan. Now if only Democrats could all come to some agreement to push for the return of US troops. To my dissapointment, Bill Clinton recently said that Americans should stand behind Bush and his vision for Iraq. And very few Democrats have had the balls to look Bush in the eyes and say he's wrong.

4 More Years? Maybe Another 2,000 Dead?

General Peter Schoomaker said yesterday the US Army is planning on keeping 1, 000 troops in Iraq untill 2009. So, at the current death rate, that should mean another 1,500-2,000 dead. Can America afford that?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Same Old Song And Dance, My Friend

Bush gave his weekly radio address today. He's still trying to justify the war in Iraq by using September 11, 2001. "In a few weeks, our country will mark the four-year anniversary of the attacks of September the 11th, 2001. On that day, we learned that vast oceans and friendly neighbors no longer protect us from those who wish to harm our people. And since that day, we have taken the fight to the enemy," said Bush. "We're fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world, striking them in foreign lands before they can attack us here at home." And, according to Bush, our troops are "...fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere to protect their fellow Americans from a savage enemy." (Excerpt of Bush's 8/20/05 Radio Address from CBS5.com). Come on Bush! Most Americans now know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, that Iraq was not a major source of terrorists until the US invaded, and US freedom has nothing whatsoever to do with the war in Iraq. Bush sounds like a broken record. He says the same thing everytime he speaks to the American People. Some see this as not wavering, but I see it as nothing better to say. To save face, Bush reiterates the same old nonsense time and time again. The number of people realizing the war was a mistake is growing, up to 54%. Peace vigils and protests are cropping up all over this country, and soon Bush will be forced to admit his big mistake, and hopefully, bring our men and women home.

Are We On Course, Mr. President?

George Bush says the best way to honor the dead American soldiers from the Iraq war is to stay the course. Bush said recently, "Our approach can be summed up this way: As Iraqis stand up, we will stand down." Are we on course, Mr. President? Remember the deadline for the new Iraqi Constitution? It was about a week ago, Mr. President. And to date, no Iraqi Constitution. But the good news, Iraqis may resume talks to draft the new constitution. Wow! An Iraq Constitution...........God only knows what it will look like, or who will be in charge in Iraq. And what about the new attacks on US ships? Now the insurgents are targeting US war ships, and have vowed more attacks. The saddest thing of all in my opinion....these attacks did not even come out of Iraq! The launching of missles at US ships came from Jordan! Sure sounds like the Muslim world appreciates all we're doing for Iraq, Mr. President! So, as more US soldiers are killed each and every day, continue to stay the course, Mr. President. I hope you're happy with the course. Sadly, though, I don't think it's going to lead where you thought it would.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Good Gay Advice From Dear Abby

Some moron wrote to Dear Abby (August 19, 2005) upset because her neighbor flew his rainbow, gay pride flag and the writer was concerned it might have a bad influence on the children in the neighborhood. Below is the letter and Dear Abby's response:

Dear Abby: I live in a family-oriented neighborhood. My problem is my next-door neighbor flies his gay pride flag in his front yard. Because we have a lot of families with young children who do not need to be subjected to that kind of thing, I have asked him numerous times to remove it.His response is it's a free country and that he does not subject anybody to his lifestyle.I strongly feel that in a neighborhood devoted to children's morals and the way life should be, he should not be allowed to have that flag in his front yard for everyone to see. What should I do?-- Righteous in New Castle, Pa.
Dear Righteous: Calm down. Your neighbor is hurting no one, and "young children" will not understand what the flag symbolizes. Unless there are codes, covenants or restrictions in your neighborhood governing the display of flags, your neighbor has a right to hoist his banner. Rather than picking a fight about something so insignificant, you should concentrate on cultivating your own garden and stop obsessing about what's going on in his.
Get a life! Maybe I don't want my children influenced by some of your flags!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Vigils, Vigils Everywhere

There are vigils popping up all over the US to memorialize the Iraq war dead and to call for the end of US troop involvement in Iraq. There has been a new groundswelling of protests that may end up being as big as, or even bigger, than the protests before the US invaded Iraq. How great! Bush may not have any other choice than to bring our troops home. And his great war will be the failure for which it should be known for the rest of history. But, I cannot ask the question, why not all the concern before the war began? Why now, after so many dead? Did they die in vane? Did they give their lives for a political war staged by Bush & Company? Why did so many people believe all the b.s. Bush sold before invading Iraq? Not only should Bush & Company be held responsible for every single death in Iraq, but so should all those legislators and intelligence people who went along with Bush because they were afraid to be seen as unpatriotic for speaking against the war. Why is it that Americans have to wait until tragedy occurs to make public officials answer? Why are we so easily swayed to one way or another. Who knows, maybe soon the good people of this country will begin to realize that Bush & Company were not only wrong about Iraq, but a whole lot of other things they have held so dearly?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Released Sex Offenders....Have They Done Their Time or Not?

It started several years ago with Megan's Law and the requirement of convicted sex offenders to register in the towns they were to live in upon their release from prison. Then, towns and the State decided to make public the names of those most severe offenders. Now, several NJ towns have enacted laws limiting where convicted sex offenders can live. One such town is Lower Township in Cape May County. Lower Township is considering an ordinance banning registered sex offenders from living or loitering within 2,500 feet of a school, park, playground, recreational area, day care center, or school bus stop.
On Monday night, one such offender, Steven Elwell, 34, spoke up. (Reported in The Press of Atlantic City, August 16, 2005). Four years ago, Mr. Elwell was sentenced to 3 years in prison for being a sex offender. He did his time, paid for his crime, and is now "free." Mr. Elwell, as his wife and 2 children stood by his side, addressed the township's governing body about the ordinance. "Where can I take my wife and two kids?" Elwell asked. "We've outgrown our house and I'm looking to move and there's no place to move." And Mr. Elwell fears more and more communities will adopt such ordinances.
Mr. Elwell received very little sympothy from the township officials and about 50 attendees at the hearing. "Maybe people should think about these things before they get involved in these crimes," said Councilman Mike Beck, a strong proponent of the ordinance. Mr. Elwell responded with, "I served a full year in state prison. I was stabbed and beaten. I don't think I need to serve for the rest of my life."
I do believe communities need to protect its children and citizens from sexual predators. But, are such ordinances such as the one being considered in Lower Township going a bit far? Let's face it. Mr. Elwell is right; if such an ordinance passes, he and his family will be forced out of Lower Township. It will be very hard to find a home that does not fall into one of the "forbidden" areas. Haven't individuals like Elwell served their time for the crime? Once released from prison, shouldn't that crime be behind them? As Mr. Elwell said, "If they're going to do this to sex offenders why not do it to everybody who's a criminal. What about people with drug charges?"
If these laws are challenged in court, and I am sure they will be eventually, it will be interesting to see what the courts decide. If sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated, which most experts believe is the case, then perhaps they should not be released from prison. But, once they are released, should their punishment continue?

You're Not Crazy, (Gay) Brothers and Sisters

The American Psychological Association (APA) issued a statement to The Advocate in response to an article in the August 30, 2005 issue entitled, "Brainwashed No More." The APA's statement concerned "Reparative Therapy," also know as "conversion therapy." The term “reparative therapy” refers to psychotherapy aimed at eliminating homosexual desires and is used by people who do not think homosexuality is one variation within human sexual orientation, but rather still believe homosexuality is a mental disorder. This therapy is based on an understanding of homosexuality that has been rejected by all major health and mental health professionals, among them the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the National Association of Social Workers.
Despite the rejection of homosexuality as a mental health problem, many conservative organizations continue to promote reparative therapy. Thus, the public issuance by mental health organizations as to the incorrect promotion and usage of such therapy. Because legitimate health and mental health professionals do not see homosexuality as being something that can be changed through therapy, reparative therapy by them is refuted. Legitimate health and mental health professionals see therapy in gay individual focusing on accepting and living as who they are.
“Transformational ministry” is a term used to describe the use of religion to eliminate homosexual desires. “Transformational ministry” takes the approach that “freedom from homosexuality is possible through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The most important fact about “transformational ministry” is that its view of homosexuality is not representative of the views of all people of faith. And although some faiths believe homosexuality is contrary to biblical teaching, equality and acceptance of gays is taught.
The bottom line, being gay is not a mental health problem. Since one cannot choose to be gay , one cannot choose not to be gay. It is for each gay individual to learn how he/she can best live as the person they were created to be. And any therapy that says a gay person must change, is not legitimate.

And You Thought They Were Dumb!

Seems that cheerleaders are not as dumb as you think. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a man who left an accident scene was tracked down with the help of some cheerleaders who witnessed the crash and turned his license plate number into a cheer, police said. The coach, Patricia Clark, appeared Monday on NBC's TODAY, where she explained that, "...I ran down the street and got the plate number, (and) I yelled to the girls 'Remember this!'" The girls then chanted the license plate number until the police came. Give me a "W-A-Y-T-O-G-O" girls. Not the dumb blondes they used to be.

Sign The Progressive Democrats of America Petition

Join the Progressive Democrats of America and sign the Petition for an Iraq Peace Process.

Kudos To NJMVC

I recently had to get my NJ vehicle registration renewed. I have always done this in person rather than simply mail in my check a couple of months early to get my registration in the mail. (I guess I don't like parting with my money 2 months in advance). So I prepared myself to wait in line, then go sit down and wait for the registration to be completed, then wait in line again to receive my finished product. I expected the entire process to be at least an hour. Well, was I surprised! I went to the NJMVC office in Egg Harbor Township (Cardiff Circle), checked in, and was immediately told to go to line 3. There was another person in front of me, but within 5 minutes, I was giving the lady at NJMVC my documentation. She did a little typing on her keyboard, went to a printer, and told me my total. No more than 10 minutes tops to get my registration process done! I'm not sure how other transactions at NJMVC proceed, but I was pleasantly surprised with my registration renewal process. Thanks NJMVC.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

When Will Parents Learn?

A 2 year old girl was killed Saturday on the Atlantic City Expressway after she was ejected from her parents SUV. (Reported in THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY, Sunday 8/14/05). The accident resulted in only minor injuries to the others involved. The girl was sitting was sitting in the back seat between 2 adults, but was not in a child safety seat or even seatbelted. The accident started when one Ford Expedition heading west on the expressway drove up too fast behind another SUV. The first driver, the victim's father, hit his brakes and lost control, glanced off the side of the other SUV and then ran off the right lane and slammed into the guardrail, throwing the girl out the window, police said. When are parents going to learn? I can't tell you how many times I have seen children standing up in cars or not in restraints. Thank goodness it is not as prevelant as years ago, but it still happens all too often. Please, parents, buckle you children up properly!

Atlantic City: A Fun Night On The Town

Some friends and I took another friend out to celebrate her birthday last night in Atlantic City, the city that is "Always Turned On." For those that think Atantic City is just about casinos, you're wrong. It is amazing at the number of things AC has to offer.
We started out with drinks and dinner at Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue. It was a bit crowded so we began by sitting at the bar and having a round of margaritas. The restaurant a bit noisey, but the food was excellent.
Then, over to The Sand Box, the beach bar at Caesars. It was before 11PM, so no cover, which is always good. A nice size decked bar, rock music played loudly from the band, but not so loud that you couldn't have conversation. Just down the beach was Trump Plaza's The Beach Bar, where another live band played its rock/top 40's music.
Then, it was off to Worship, The Club at the House of Blues in Showboat. The music was a bit loud, but your typical dance club music. We enjoyed some drinks and dancing with a crowd that probably averaged age 25. There are several other dance clubs in AC, one that I am sure will fit each peson's liking.
There is so much to do in Atlantic City these days. Within several blocks you can choose many types of enjoyment. And believe it or not, it did not cost a fortune. All the parking we did was free. (You need a players card from the casino, but that is very easy to get by just signing up a the promotion desk of the casino). The casinos now try to lure customers by offering free parking. The temperature yesterday was in the mid 90's, but the air was a bit cooler near the beach.
So give Atlantic City a try sometime. I think you'll enjoy it.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Crawford Peace House

Support Cindy Sheehan and The Crawford Peace House Community..................

America Belongs To Every Citizen

I spend alot of time criticizing the "religious right" for believing that everyone in the US has to believe and abide by their rules. It is not that I do not believe in God, nor is it that I dislike religious organizations and members of such organizations. You see, I used to be one of them. I too used to believe that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and that the US has strayed so far from these beliefs and dependence on God that soon God would just turn his back on the US and allow it to be destroyed. I understand where the "religious right" come from, but I far from agree with them anymore.
This great country was not founded upon religion, but rather founded on the belief that a person can worship however or whomever they wish to worship. Or, a person can choose not to worship any higher being. We all have the God given right to live as we choose in the US. And, regardless of one's choice, he/she is entitled to the same rights as the one who chooses to depend upon God. This country was not founded on a religion, but the freedom from religion.
In the next to last episode of Queer As Folk, Ben, the husband of Michael, said something to this effect: "America belongs to everyone. And some have forgotten that." How true that is. Every citizen deserves the same rights as anyone else. It is only when one's behavior puts someone else in jeopardy that the belief or behavior must be stopped. Gays who want to marry deserve that right. It is a right guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. You don't have to like it, but you have to accept it. You may not agree with it, but unfortunately for you, you have to put up with it because it is the right of every citizen in the US. That right is the "pursuit of happiness."
Believe me, I from time to time have a hard time accepting some of the behavior, beliefs, and attitudes of others. But that is their right. I don't always understand why someone acts as he does, but, unless it is infringing upon my safety, it really doesn't matter what I think.
The US is made up of all kinds of people. And everyone of them is entitled to the same guaranteed rights and freedoms. Why is that so hard to accept? Why do people spend so much

Another Lie About Gays

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Paul Cameron, a psychologist accused of doctoring his research to promote his antigay agenda, is now theorizing that gays are more than 2x's as likely to drink and drive as non-gay individuals. These finding have been published in the June issue of Psychological Reports. Cameron is the head of the antigay Family Research Institute. Cameron was expelled by the American Psychological Association in 1983 and censured by the Nebraska Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association as well for distorting research. Mr. Cameron...stick to the facts, not your beliefs when doing research.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Few Words For T.O.

IMAGINE for a moment that I could say a few words to T.O. I'd tell him that with the exception of a few players, most of the public thinks he's acting like a total ass! You signed a contract, T.O. And like all the rest of us, we must abide by our contracts, like it or not. Contracts are legally binding. We cannot simply decide that we want a new contract. You make good money, T.O. A whole lot more than most of us. For what, T.O.? To play a game! You're not saving lives. You're not changing the world. Iraq, Iran, Korea, Israel, Palestine, Dafur, and all the other trouble spots in the world could care less about what you do, T.O. You have NO impact on what happens to most people in the world. And you think you're something special! All you care about, T.O. is you and yours! I would explain to T.O. my plan: you play the game the best you can, and if you're not going to do that, then you can sit on the bench and rot! I don't care if the Eagles pay you your millions a year to keep that seat warm. Then, when your contract is up, T.O. you can move on. That is if any other team wants you then. Who wants a trouble maker, T.O? Who wants a player that causes disruption within the team? What team needs all the negative publicity?
Now REALITY. T.O. will continue to make his millions of dollars. If the Eagles decide to let T.O. go, there will probably be several NFL teams that will jump on the chance to get T.O. You see, in the NFL, it's all about the $$$! There is no team in the NFL; the bottom line is the $$$! This is not the good old days of professional football when teams played for honor and championships.
Football is the one sport I really enjoy. But over the years, I have become more and more disillusioned by the nonsense that happens in the NFL. The T.O. happenings is just another reason to perhaps turn away from professional football. I would hate to do that, but it really is discouraging to see such behavior.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Again, We Thank You, Mr. President

Two local men from the Pennsylvania National Guard have been killed in a roadside bomb in Iraq. Once again, thank you Mr. President. May you sleep well at night knowing the blood of these 2 men and all those others killed in Iraq is on your hands.

Change The Pledge Of Allegiance? How Un-American!

The original Pledge of Allegiance, written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, goes like this: "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." In 1954, as a reacion to McCarthyism, Congress added the words, "under God" to distinquish the US from the evil communists. So, for those individuals that cry it is unpatriotic, un-American, and athiestic to change the pledge, the pledge has already been revised.

Goodbye Peter Jennings

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Goodbye Peter Jennings. As long as I can remember, Peter Jennings was ABC News. He died Sunday at 67 after a fight with cancer.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

QUEER AS FOLK: A Sad Farewell

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Showtimes' Queer As Folk had its season finale this evening. For me it was a sad farewell. I have watched "the boys" for the past 5 seasons and I will miss it. I guess for me personally, Queer As Folk has special meaning. It was 5 years ago, the same year QAF made its debut, that I came out, declaring that I was no longer going to hide in my closet, but live as a proud gay man. It was at this time that I was making my rounds in the gay clubs in the area and "learning" what the gay life was all about. You see, I was reborn. I had to go through childhood and adolescence in warp speed. And boy did I! I think I learned more in my first year of gayhood than I had in my entire life. It has been an adventure. The boys (and girls) of QAF ran parallel with my life and it had special meaning for me. So with a sadness in my heart, I say goodbye Debbie, Michael, Brian, Justin, Emmit, Ted, Lindsey, Melanie, and everyone else. Thanks for 5 great years.

Please Mr. Bush...Explain The "Noble Cause"

Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan, 24, continues her protest outside the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas. Casey was killed in Iraq on April 4, 2004. Mrs. Sheehan wants to know why Bush killed her son. She wants a private meeting with Bush and is determined to continue her protest until she gets that meeting. In a speech Wednesday at the ranch, Bush said that the sacrifices of US troops were "made in a noble cause." Mrs. Sheehan wants to know what that "noble cause" is. Mrs. Sheehan and several other families of killed soldiers met with Bush last June. Bush, as Mrs. Sheehan put it, "...wouldn't look at the pictures of Casey. He didn't even know Casey's name. Everytime we tried to talk about Casey and how much we missed him, he (Bush) would change the subject." Is that not typical of Bush? Not only do the Sheehans deserve an explanation of the "noble cause," but so do all Americans.

How Can They Belong?

Just a question in my own mind. I am hoping someone can answer it for me. How can someone belong to a group/organization that hates, well maybe hate is too strong of a word, but that dislikes you and treats you like second class? I am specifically referring to gays that belong to groups/organizations that speak out against gays. I am not talking about groups/organizations that at least publically agree with gay rights and then speak negatively about gay rights behind closed doors, but openly denegrate gay rights. Two such groups/organizations come to mind, the Catholic Church, or any church that condems gay rights, and the Republican party, at least as we know it today.
I know of gay individuals who, every Sunday morning, have to get to their local church for service. The "good little Catholic boys." Go to church, pray to God, and listen to how terrible you are for being gay. Well, maybe you individually are not terrible, but the lifestyle you choose to live is. I used to belong to such a church. We were told to "love the homosexual, but not the lifestyle." I have since found out that you cannot seperate the two, the person and the lifestyle. A person lives the lifesyle in which God created them to be. I know the Catholic church in particular tends to indoctrinate individuals into the "sense of guilt" feeling, but come on! This is America. A person does not have to belong to any such church. (At least not yet).
Then there's the gay individuals that love the Republican party. There's the Log Cabin Republicans, gay Republicans. How can someone give their time, money, and support to a party that treats you like a second class citizen? The US Constitution grants the same freedoms and rights for all Americans, including gay Americans, but the Republican party doesn't think so. Help promote the belief that gays are less than American by supporting such discriminatory beliefs and practices. Aid the Republican party, controlled and manipulated by the religious right fanatics. Keep it up boys and girls, and you too will be right where the "masta" wants you to be, in the closet, cleaning his boots, and maybe giving him a little "relief" when he needs it.
It just bothers me when individuals think so little of themselves to be a part of any organization that belittles them, that makes them second. Are gay Americans so self loathing that they will keep on assisting these groups to keep us down? That is the sad thing about some gay Americans, not that they are gay, but that they are ashamed and afraid to stand up for who they are.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Some Help For The Russian

Hey...............Would somebody teach those Russians how to operate submarines? It seems like at least once a year, the Ruskies have some kind of problem with their subs. Now, the world waits as another sub is in trouble. This would have been great during the Cold War, but maybe the U.S. or British could train the Russian in sub operation?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thanks Again, George!

Seven more U.S. Marines die in Iraq. Once more...Thanks again Mr. President!

There'll Be Plenty Of Blame To Go Around

The report about what happened to the 3 camden city boys who died in the trunk of a car will be released today. I'm sure there will be alot of blame passed around as to who was at fault. And no doubtly, the police will take the biggest brunt of the blame. (At least that's my guess). I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am sure the families of these boys are going through hell. I can only imagine what the death of a child must feel like. But it wasn't the fault of the police that these boys went missing, locked themselves in a trunk, and eventually died.
These were 3 boys. The oldest was Anibal Cruz, 11. Then there was Daniel Agosto, 6, and Jesstin Pagan, 5. I ask, why were they left alone in the first place? These were young children, not older teenagers who could take care of themselves. And if the oldest child was supposed to responsible for the younger 2, that's a crime. Where were the parents when they should have been watching their children? Parents! Your kids are your responsibility!
We all want to cast blame on others. But sometimes, as difficult as it is, the blame only lies with US. Nobody else is responsible for your kids. You are. So blame the police, blame the person who left an abandoned care there. Blame whomever you want. But, kids need to be watched and cared for. As inconvenient as it is, when one has children, the children become the primary responsibility. Not the tv. Not your nap. Not your partying. Nothing should take precedent over the safety and wellbeing of your children.