Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowstorm December 26, 2010

A blizzard hit the east coast from the Carolinas to New England the day after Christmas, December 26, 2010. These pictures were taken on December 27th, the day after the snowstorm. Despite being a pain in the butt, the snow truly is beautiful!

I really would miss the winter without snow! I know some prefer the warmer climate, but the older I get, the more I prefer the colder weather and the miraculous snow!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Any Regrets? Not At All!

Tomorrow marks the passing of another year of life for me. I will enter another year since my birth some 52 years ago! (Damn that sounds so old)! As most of us probably do, I will think about what has happened over my years here on earth and wonder if there was anything I could have done differently. Of course there are things I might have done differently, but overall I HAVE NO REGRETS AT ALL!!! So I can honestly say, when I look at the picture posted here, that I would not change a thing! For if I changed anything, those 3 beautiful kids would not be in my life and I would be missing a blessing bestowed upon me!
I do not like to dwell of "ifs" because as I like to say, IF NEVER HAPPENS. If is such a small word in the English language, and if can never happen. So why think about it? Why spend time thinking about what life would be like if I did this or that rather than what I did?
The one thing I might have liked changed in my life is any pain I may have caused anyone in my "journey." I hope that I never "wasted" anyone's time by trying to figure out who I was along the way. It took me some 40 years to figure out who I am and what my life is all about. My journey has been a good one. And the blessings I have been given have been great!
My life today is good! I have what I need! I don't struggle with finances and I have never gone hungry or never had a roof over my head! My parents provided for me as a kid, and I was able to provide for myself as an adult. Fortunately I had lots of help along the way.
Since we cannot change what is, I won't contemplate what my life could have been like for too long! I am glad of the family I have, of the job I have, of the friends I have, and of the good fortune that has been with me as I journeyed this life!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's It All About? Maybe Christmas Has Shown Me!

I think we all from time to time wonder "what's it all about?" I know I do. I probably more than weekly just ask myself the question, "why am I here?" Events happen in the news, or I watch a tv show or read a story and I cannot help but dwell on why we are put on this earth, live how ever many years it is we live, and then leave. What is the purpose for this? What was my impact?
The world has many answers to this question. Some believe God puts us here to work for him to gain converts for some future kingdom we all go to. I can't see why an all-powerful, all-knowing God would have to use us for this reason. Why does God have to put an in between step into a process? Why not just put those who deserve to be in such a kingdom in that kingdom in the first place. Some believe are "aliens" transplanted here from some other society. If so, again, for what purpose; we are here for WHY? Some believe we are just a "product" of evolution or the natural life-production. But that too does not answer my question "why."
I often wonder what impact, if any, I have on others. Will my life have made any difference, and will anyone even remember me when I'm gone? It's pretty easy to see how a "famous" individual is remembered and made a difference. We all know the name George Washington. His time on this earth and his impact will be remembered a long, long time. We all know who Van Gough is! His works and his presence in this life will be remembered a long, long time. But me? Thus far in life I have not done anything that history books will write about! Like millions, no billions, no ka-trillions that have gone before me, I am not famous! (At least not yet).
So, why am I here?
I think I may have found the answer in a couple of lines written in Christmas cards I recently received. One card had this written: "Thank you for being a supportive, helpful, pleasant prescense in the office." Another card stated: "Thanks for being you and all your support." Both these cards particularly touched my heart, not because it was kudos to me, but because it really hit me: MAYBE THIS IS WHAT MY LIFE IS ALL ABOUT! MAYBE I'M JUST HERE FOR THIS REASON and nothing more!
We all walk pass through this life, and most of us will not be famous or well-known. But we all have a reason for being. We all have an impact on someone else! Perhaps it's just that simple and nothing more.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!

As much as I complain about Christmas and all the commercialism that goes along with it, I must admit it's probably the most fun and exciting time of the year! For me it all begins at Thanksgiving, which is my FAVORITE holiday of all. I like the simplicity (well, not necessarily simple for the person preparing the meal), and just gathering with family and loved ones to spend a day just saying "thanks" even if you never really say "thanks" during the day at all. (You know what the day is all about and you feel the "thanks" in your heart. At least I do). Then, I am ready to begin the Christmas season.

I was at a lunch yesterday with colleagues and we all reminisced about past Christmases, especially traditions as children. I think that's one of the reasons Christmas is so enjoyable for everyone: we all think back to "simpler" times and the fun we had. We all wish for those times again, and although we know it won't happen, for just a few minutes, for just a few weeks, we are there! Traditions continue because of the comfort this time of the year brings. Christmas songs are so well liked for this very reason. The songs take us back to a better time.

We rush to get things all done before that big day! We rush to get gifts for those on our lists! Holiday parties are fun! What better time to have a party than at Christmas? All again to bring us into our "comfort zone."

Life is tough! All of us have tragedies and hardships througout the year, but this time of year makes us feel good. And we all like to feel good!

So Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!