Saturday, May 27, 2006

Deal With The Stuff That Really Matters, Senators

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is again vowing to bring the Federal Marriage Amendment up for debate on the Senate floor a week from Monday. This is the amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, thus making gay marriage illegal. With all the important happenings in the US, one cannot wonder that this debate is for political purposes only. This will show America, and the Christian right, that the Republicans are the God-fearing, family-value, morally-right party. It is already pretty much known that the Federal Marriage Amendment does not have the two-thirds majority needed in the Senate to further the amendment, but the Republicans want to waste the time anyway.

It is often amazing to me that with so many other important issues that our legislators could be addressing, something that really has no effect on anyone else takes up the time and efforts of our elected officials. Just look at the news and you will see what I mean: People are dying in Iraq; Indonesia had a catastrophic earthquake; peace in the Middle East is not happening; and so on and so forth! But whether or not one man or one woman can create a legal bond between another man or woman is at the top of the Senate agenda! The Senate actually wants to add to our US Constitution an amendment that would discriminate and make certain citizens second class. And what ever happened to the Republicans' desire for States' rule, not involvement of the Federal government?

But today's Republicans, supported so well by the Christian right, men of stature like Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson (leg pressed 2,000 lbs, right), need something to get them elected in November. Bush & Company had devestated the Republican party with their lies and deceit, so it will be another "devil", those gays in America, that will become the target of fear used by the Republicans!

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