Sunday, April 08, 2007

"If I Only Had A Heart!"

Comedian Jim David wrote a small article in the latest addition of The Advocate magazine (April 24, 2007) which I thought was quite hilarious. In the article, David states that since the Reverend Ted Haggard has declared that after 3 weeks in rehab he is "completely heterosexual," other celebs have now come forth with "makeovers" of their own:

"After a week on a gay cruise and two hits of ecstasy, former NBA star Tim Hardaway says he is now a 'complete pig bottom.'"

"After a weeklong visit with the Reverend Haggard in rehab, Jerry Fallwell said he is 'completely bi.'"

"After two weeks in rehab and four singing lessons, Britney Spears claims to be 'completely talented.'"

"After four weeks with a psychotherapist in an undisclosed location, Dick Cheney announced that he is 'completely human.'"

Oh the lives of celebs!

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