Sunday, July 08, 2007

Do Your Part

Did you answer the call? I am talking about the call from Live Earth to make your pledge to answer the SOS to help save our earth. I watched much of the entertainment and info yesterday. It was on 3 channels for awhile, and I was switching between them to watch what I liked. The rap crap as I call it, had to go. And when 2 of the channels had Kelly Clarkson and Madonna on at the same time, I had to tip my hat to Diva, Madonna. Sorry Kelly, I like you, but Madonna is still just a bit better in my humble opinion.

In addition to suggestions given during yesterday's broadcast, I have come up with some idea of my own to save our planet:

1. Instead of just waiting until I have a full load of clothes to wash, I will do one better and not
wash my clothes until after I have worn them 3 times or more; my bedsheets will not be
washed for at least 1 month;
2. I will reuse all my toilet paper;
3. I will take my used napkins and lie them out to dry, then reuse them a 2nd, maybe even a
3rd time;
4. I will only get the newspaper every other day because the news isn't worth reading anyway;
5. I will wait until my trash can is about to overflow before compacting it and taking it to the

Honestly, I have made my pledge to do my part. I have changed some lightbulbs already with the more energy efficient ones. I vow to change more. I will honestly do only full loads of wash, and use only papertowels that are recylced. I will try to eat less meat, saving grain used to feed the animals we eat. (Sorry, I cannot go vegetarian as I like my meat too much). And when I get ready to purchase my new car in 6 months to a year, I will seriously look at the Toyota Prius. In addition, I will try to use less heat/ac.

Will you do your part as well?


mommanator said...

OO you can do it just a little at a time Karl. Go to for more ideas for simple things you can do-
AH I thought of one for ya Ride your bike to work or better yet walk-you won't have to go to the club as often!
My daughter says saving the Earth has gotten me a liitle nuts or should I say Nuttier!

Karl said...

Nuttier I would say! See what retirement does to one!

Zelda Parker said...

I wrote a bunch of ideas around Earth Day, some were from tree hugger and other sites.
My list:
haven't used air at home, yet,
cloth napkins,
microfiber towels instead of paper,
organic cleaning products,
recycle rain water for flower pots outdoors,
plant one or more trees every year,
carry groceries in a reusable cloth bag,
it's a start and if everyone did a little it would help.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful pic, btw.

Reuse, reduce, recycle. Especially those plastic bags. Avoid eating overfarmed fish and seafood. Refill the water bottle, instead of buying new. That was a nice post, thanks for reminding us to help Mother Earth.