Sunday, April 06, 2008

Oh How I Love Spring!

I have got to say that Spring is my favorite time of the year. Although April usually signals the start of my seasonal allergies, lasting only through June, I love Springtime! The weather warms and the days are longer, and the color starts to appear all around.
For whatever reason, I woke 6:45AM Saturday morning and could not go back to sleep. I decided to get up and realizing how warm it was outside (around 60), I got dressed in my sweats and did my walk/jog routine. It had rained Friday night and the ground was a little wet, but what a beautiful day it was going to be. I travelled down the bike path close to my place, a few bikers and walkers also with the same thing in mind, but pretty much alone, enjoying the sounds of nature and enjoying the smell of the wet wood around me. I had a great deal of energy and the jog wasn't that bad. After, I felt a tremendous rush of peace....and energy for the day.
Today is not as nice. It has been raining, but not to worry. The rain will only make the flowers and the colors more vibrant when the sun returns! Oh how I love Spring!

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