Monday, December 08, 2008

Is Time Flying Or What?

Is it just me or is this year flying by? I don't know where November went! One day it was Halloween, then boom, it's December! December 8th already! Only a little over 2 weeks left until Christmas, and I'm no where near ready!'s coming whether or not I'm ready! So....HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!


mommanator said...

You too buddy. Life is screaching for sure. Like the pic, interesting view!

Zelda Parker said...

Seems that time flies betweeen 40 and fifty. Where did it go? Hope tht your holiday is all that you hope for and more. Looks like your decorating is tastefully done.

Merci said...

I know you're up to the challenge of Christmas!

Nice luncheon yesterday! It was nice to relax after the crazy morning we had at the office.

Anonymous said...

nice pic of the Corner, I like the balance of dark and light, and your tree looks very elegant, very festive..feliz navidad!