Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interesting Observation From New York Magazine (June 15-22, 2009)

Obama is more conservative on gay rights than Dick Cheney now that the ex-VP has come out for same-sex marriage.

Last week, Cheney gave his support for gay marriage. Obama does not support gay marriage, but favors civil unions.

Interesting and disturbing fact!


Pax Romano said...

Karl, if Dick the Prick was truly on our side, he could have pushed the President (Bush) to make gay marriage a reality - for Christ's sake he was pretty much running the damn country. He only says he's for gay marriage because his daughter is a lesbian ... like I said, if he really felt that way, he could have pushed for it.

Frankly, as disappointing as Obama's floundering on gay marriage is, I can live with it considering all of the positive stuff he has done in just a few months for this country verses the years of abuse we suffered under Bush and Cheney and the rest of those bastards.

Karl said...

Oh I'm still liking Obama and believe me, I'm not a Cheney fan, but it is interesting! Obama personally DOES NOT THINK MARRIAGE SHOULD BE BETWEEN SAME-SEX COUPLES! What's Obama waiting for? He has been very, very quiet on Don't Ask, Don't Tell as well! Come on, Obama! It's time to step up to the plate and fulfill your pledge to gay people!