Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is It Really That Important?

November 2, 2010 is only a little over a week away! It is Election Day, the Midterm Elections, as it is often called. Most people don't think it's very important! Most people say they only vote in the Presidential Election every four years! But this election is important!

Americans seem to be dissatisfied with the way things in this country are going. I am not saying all is well, but things are heading in the right direction, in my humble opinion. The stock market has been having much better days and weeks, manufacturing appears to be on the up rise, slowly but surely, and unemployment, although still way too high, is leveling off and slowly moving downward!

The Democrats, under President Obama's leadership, are moving this country forward. The recovery has not been as quick as many would like, but it is happening. And it's happening with real change! I know the mantra that Bush got us here is old, but it is TRUE! It took eight long years to get in the shitty shape this country is in, and it may take some time to get the US back out of trouble.

Many think the bailouts of the banks, auto industry, and other assistance cost way too much! I however, disagree! Imagine what this country would look like if the big banks and the big auto companies went totally under! Think unemployment is bad now? Imagine ALL of GM and Chrysler's employees being on the food lines! Imagine ALL the mortgages held by some of the largest banks going under! The Dems have put in place some real regulations on Wall Street! The Repubs want NO regulations! Just the thing that got us here in the first place!

Health Care in the US, often tauted as Obama-Care, is a PLUS for us! It did not go far enough, but it's a start! We cannot simply abandon it and go back! That's what the Repubs and Tea Party people want! "Leave mine alone! Don't fix it for the few!" That was some of the comments heard during the health care debate!

Bottom line: the Repubs don't care about anybody but themselves! The Repubs just want us to go backwards! That is why it is so important to vote on November 2nd! The vote is to move forward, or go backwards!

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