Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's It All About? Maybe Christmas Has Shown Me!

I think we all from time to time wonder "what's it all about?" I know I do. I probably more than weekly just ask myself the question, "why am I here?" Events happen in the news, or I watch a tv show or read a story and I cannot help but dwell on why we are put on this earth, live how ever many years it is we live, and then leave. What is the purpose for this? What was my impact?
The world has many answers to this question. Some believe God puts us here to work for him to gain converts for some future kingdom we all go to. I can't see why an all-powerful, all-knowing God would have to use us for this reason. Why does God have to put an in between step into a process? Why not just put those who deserve to be in such a kingdom in that kingdom in the first place. Some believe are "aliens" transplanted here from some other society. If so, again, for what purpose; we are here for WHY? Some believe we are just a "product" of evolution or the natural life-production. But that too does not answer my question "why."
I often wonder what impact, if any, I have on others. Will my life have made any difference, and will anyone even remember me when I'm gone? It's pretty easy to see how a "famous" individual is remembered and made a difference. We all know the name George Washington. His time on this earth and his impact will be remembered a long, long time. We all know who Van Gough is! His works and his presence in this life will be remembered a long, long time. But me? Thus far in life I have not done anything that history books will write about! Like millions, no billions, no ka-trillions that have gone before me, I am not famous! (At least not yet).
So, why am I here?
I think I may have found the answer in a couple of lines written in Christmas cards I recently received. One card had this written: "Thank you for being a supportive, helpful, pleasant prescense in the office." Another card stated: "Thanks for being you and all your support." Both these cards particularly touched my heart, not because it was kudos to me, but because it really hit me: MAYBE THIS IS WHAT MY LIFE IS ALL ABOUT! MAYBE I'M JUST HERE FOR THIS REASON and nothing more!
We all walk pass through this life, and most of us will not be famous or well-known. But we all have a reason for being. We all have an impact on someone else! Perhaps it's just that simple and nothing more.


Marguerite said...

Karl, you were kind and spoke sweetly to me while I cried. I will remember that about you for years after you're gone since you're so much older than me. ;)

Karl said...

Ahhhhh...........thanks! I guess? (No, I know what you mean)!