Sunday, July 24, 2011

My New Keurig

Still getting used to my new Keurig one cup coffee maker. I have to say I love the convenience of using the Keurig. There's no clean up after and it makes things simpler. But I must admit, the coffee is not as delicious as I had hoped. I am still experimenting with different varities to find those that suit my taste.
I like a strong coffee. So far the Keurig does not seem to give that "jolt" I need from a good, bold coffee. Some of the varities, such as the Green Mountain Dark Magic, have almost hit the spot. I just ordered and received more of the Green Mountain Dark Magic and Green Mountain Black Diamond, both "Extra Bold" as Keurig advertises.
I tried the Chocolate Ecstasy hot chocolate. It's ok, but nothing to brag about. I have yet to try the teas. I currently have in my stock the half and half, half black tea and half lemonade, which the sales clerk at Macy's insisted was "out of this world!" I just received Celestial Seasonings Green Tea which I'll soon give a shot.
Overall, the convenience does outweigh the flavor so I am not yet ready to put my Keurig up on EBay! But I'll keep it for now.


Far Skyes said...

this is perfect for people on-the-go, and those who consume 1-2 cups daily. great buy! forget e-bay at the moment...

Anonymous said...

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