Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oh My, Bush! Even The Iraqis Want A Pullout Timetable!

Gee! How many more are going to have to ask for a timetable for the US pullout of Iraq before Bush realizes it? Now, Iraqi leaders, Shites, Sunnis, and Kurds, are asking the US for a pullout timetable. I guess that leaves just about everyone but die-hard war mongers like Bush & Company, and those who support them, asking for such a timetable. But Bush & Company insist we must "stay the course." The "course," of course, is more of the same. Insurgent attacks, American deaths, and no forward movement. Come on Bush! Wake up! Stop being so stubborn in your insistence that this is a just war!

1 comment:

scott said...

omg. that is the most honest thing i have heard in my life. but i am sure that dick dosent mind helping the oil comanies out because they dont make much these days.