Saturday, July 22, 2006

Get Going Again

It's been sometime since I have written anything. As a matter of fact, it was on my mother's birthday, 6/26 that I made my last post. My mother has been gone since 1985 when she left this world. Not sure if that put a "block" in my mind or exactly what happened to just keep me from spilling any of my unimportant thoughts.

My last post occured just after I had returned from NYC Gay Pride. But since then, gay marriage has taken a big hit. The New York State Court of Appeals ruled that gay marriage is not allowed in NY. In summary, the court ruled that the NY Constitution does not recognize marriage between members of the same sex. But angry New Yorkers continue to show their disdain at the Court's ruling. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, although voicing his support for gay marriage publically, Bloomberg fought a lower court ruling that favored gay marriage because he believed it would have resulted in a hodge podge of rulings across the state. Courts upheld anti-gay marriage initiatives in Nebraska and Tennessee. In Arizona, gay rights supporters have filed suit to keep a marriage amendment vote from placed on the November ballot. That's not to mention all the other states that have rulings or intitiatives against gay marriage. In good old NJ, a decision is still in the waitings for gay marriage, but recent polls in NJ show the majority favor marriage among gays. And on a positive note, Congress voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment just as did the Senate a few months ago. So the battle continues. Amazing that a civil rights issue would be left to voters. Imagine if States voted on which Blacks were free and which remained slaves?

Since I last wrote, the Middle East is erupting in violence. This in itself is nothing out of the ordinary, but this time it just feels different. As much as I try, I cannot take my eyes off CNN where I watch this "reality tv" just wondering what will happen. And only time will tell.

So, there's a few of my thoughts for now. Hopefully I will continue despite my lack of readers.

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