Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Question

It’s 2017. The US has been so busy in the Middle East that it has let its guard down and not been able to protect its borders as well as it should. China launched the attack in 2014, and overthrew the existing President and Congress, and has now helped the US establish a new government. The US people were able to vote, but that government, of course, was created by the Chinese authorities and it’s pretty ineffective. What do you assume the reaction of the people of the US is?

There are, of course, insurgent groups carrying out attacks against the Chinese troops occupying the US. These insurgents attack when most inconvenient to the Chinese troops. The insurgents are called “terrorists” and the varying insurgent groups often fight each other as well; each wants to be in power. The Americans call for the occupying Chinese to leave, but the Chinese government insists it must stay because that is what the American people need and want. The Chinese government tries to decide what to do with the US in order to leave so its people are not killed and the US is not left in utter chaos.

A fantasy? I hope so! But it does sound somewhat familiar, doesn’t it? The US in Iraq. Today I read in the paper that another Senator, Sam Brownback, is calling for Iraq to be divided into three states and separate the warring factions. Brownback is not the first to call for this division, but what hit me was, “Why is the US, anybody in the US, telling Iraq what should and should not be in a country that is not the US’s in the first place?” Who is the US to decide what is best for Iraq? And what makes the US not understand why the Iraqi’s hate it? Would the US just sit back if China or some other country overthrew the government and occupied the country? I think not!


mommanator said...

very good post Karl. However I don't have a solution. I agree we wouldn't tell anyone what they should do. We should mind our own business and get our budget balanced and do something about the crime/killing in the cities. Also how about those poor children in the US going to bed hungry!

Pax Romano said...

Well put, mein herr!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Awesome point; however, I think The End is gunna happen a lot sooner. Take a lookit my novelty! God bless you.