Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer's Begun

Whew! A busy Memorial Day Weekend so far. Today is just a relax at home, eat a few burgers and sit back!

Started the weekend on Saturday planting flowers. Bought my favorite Begonias. Easy to care for and very hardy. Began at my significant other's (henceforth known as MyGuy) house turning the soil and preparing the flower beds. I was much surprised because it turned out an easier task than I expected. Not too many weeds, and the soil turned easy. A cute little robin would not leave us alone. He kept jumping around us, never seeming to mind that we were humans and his enemy! I believe he was a pretty smart robin because he knew the worms and bugs would be easier to get to after we prepared the soil. After a few hours there, I brought the remaining Begonias back to my apartment and planted some pots on my apartment balcony. I was not going to "waste" the money for plants on my balcony this year, but I am glad I did. They look fabulous!

Saturday night, I kicked off the summer season by joining some friends at The Pier Shops at Caesars, first having a beer at Trinity, the Irish Pub, then eating a fantastic meal at Contintental. MMMMMMM!!! Seared tuna! Then, off to one of the AC beach bars to have a beer, listen to the music and watch the crazy drunks dance! I wasn't really in the dancing mood so I just sat and enjoyed. One rather drunk young man kept coming over to our table to dance, jiggling his ass and saying, "what do you think of that?" Still not sure if he wanted Joey or Patsy, but I don't believe he could have done much with either, being so wasted. But he was having fun, and so were were.

Sunday night it was Woodys Bar in Philly to dance the night with the boys. I really did not want to go but was talked into it and I am glad I did. Been awhile since I've been to Woodys, and it was actually fun, fun, fun! Ran into a nasty thunderstorm as we drove over the Ben Franklin Bridge and the winds and rains kicked up once in Philly. I have never experienced Philly in a thunderstorm and it was quite interesting. I enjoyed watching the pedestrians running for cover once the rains came.

So the Summer has begun. Looking forward to NYC for a weekend in June, and Boston and PTown in August for Carnival. That, and hopefully the usual poolside and beach side adventures, in addition to the BBQ's and family gatherings that make summer so much fun!

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