Friday, September 07, 2007

More Propaganda

Anyone else see the commercial yet from The one in which an injured soldier voices his opinion that Congress was right in continuing the war in Iraq and that we have to win because, "they attacked us..."? I find the commercial quite disturbing because it again tries to equate the "attack", the 9-11 attack I assume, as will most viewers, with the war in Iraq.

I have written to to let them know how inappropriate that commercial is and that I for one find it offensive. Please do the same! Enough men and women, American and Iraqi, have died because of the distorted truth!


Frank said...

Why do you want to cut and run? At this point the US has only one Choice--

Karl said...

Win what??

Frank said...

You know what or else you've been on a different planet for 6 years! Or maybe you just born?

Karl said...

No, just wondering what the hell we're really fighting for in Iraq!! WMD?? 9-11 payback?? To establish democracy in Iraq?? Even Bush doesn't know why we're it's to fight the turrorists...........who weren't a problem there to begin with. So if BUSHY doesn't even know what we're there for, how am I supposed to know? All these lives lost in VAIN!!! History will certainly show that. If we stay another year, or another 20 years, the results will be the same. So NO Frank, I'm not on another planet....maybe people like you that blindly believe Bush's Bullshit are!

Frank said...

Your dislike of the President seems to be very intense. What does that accomplish? We are in a conflict with the terrorist. For the sake of our kids and grandkids we need to WIN!!

Pax Romano said...


You need to take your Red White and Blue blinders off pal. If we wanted to defeat the terrorists, we would have been concentrating on Bin Laden, and declared war on Saudi Arabia (after all most of the 9/11 hijackers were in fact Saudi).

And while we are talking terrorists, how about North Korea and its nuclear capabilities, why haven't we attacked them? Oh yeah, no oil.

But no, your president found it much more advantageous to declare war on Iraq because ... well ... because of the oil, as well as his and his administrations vested interests.

This war is a laughable abomination, Frank, and it has done NOTHING than to create a new generation of terrorists.

This is an un-winnable event, much like Vietnam (remember how great that went, or were you even born yet?).

For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we will just have to tell them what a good job Bush did in stirring up several generations of unrest.

Frank said...

YOU WROTE IN YOU BLOG,"have died because of the distorted truth!" AT LEAST YOU ARE WILLING TO CALL IT "TRUTH." THANK YOU. NOW WE ARE
MAKING PROGRESS!! So freedomswatch is telling the truth and in YOUR opinion it is distorted. You would really like
In your 5:01 comment you said,"For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we will just have to tell them...." A lot of good that will do them. We have to win this thing now so our kids don't have to fight it later.
As to the presidents-they have all made mistakes. Clinton certainly failed to take the opportunity to get Bin Laden, a year or so before 9/11. I don't like that any more than you do. But that's in the past.You are wasting too much time and energy on the past. Come on man- give yourself a break!! Our need now is focus on the present and the future.
By the way - keep in mind that terrorists were killing americans for many years before Bush came to office.
This war is unwinnable only if we decide we don't want to win it. That's what happened in Vietnam.
May we not make that mistake again!
There is sumpin' else I would like to check on- Do you have sumpin' against oil??
Have a nice day.

Pax Romano said...
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Pax Romano said...

Check your facts my friend concerning Clinton and Bin Laden -- why couldn't Clinton get the backing he needed to go after Bin Laden? Oh must have been that whole "wag the dog" thing that the Republican majority was accusing him of ( I believe it was Trent Lott who used that term when we were preparing missile attacks against Sudan and Afghanistan ).

Another fact, when the WTC was hit with that bombing in 1993 it was the swift focused work of the Clinton administration that brought Sheik Omar Abdel-Raman to justice.

As for oil, I do have a problem with a war that has been fought for it. Do not think that this current mess has anything to do with freedom, it has to do with oil - of course, we are so dependent on this substance as a nation that we are willing to sacrifice our children for it, rather than explore alternate fuels.

If you think this war is so winnable, I suggest you head on down to your nearest armed forces recruiting station and join up! Put your money where your mouth is, punk!

Frank said...

Like I said, "Clinton certainly failed to take the opportunity to get Bin Laden, a year or so before 9/11."
But that's all in the past and like I said, "Our need now is focus on the present and the future."
You guys know that freedomswatch is putting forth the truth but only IN YOUR MINDS is it DISTORTED. You as good as said that in Karl's blog.
You are right- I am a punk, but not because you referred to me that way. You guys are unable to deal simply with issues- you have to depreciate those who disagree with you. Lets just refer to the issues,OK.
Do you like ethanol better than oil?
By the way-Are you for the terrorists or are you for the US (the greatest country on God's green earth)? Sumpin' for you to pomder.
Gracias Adios

Pax Romano said...


Thanks for proving what I've always suspected about your ilk; when faced with facts, you turn to rhetoric.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to give aid and comfort to the terrorists.

Anonymous said...

The only thing accomplished in Iraq was that we have presided over one huge ethnic cleansing program as the Iraqis have been murdering each other. Meanwhile, Al Queda and the Taliban have made huge gains in Afghanistan where they have been all along.

Anonymous said...

We are in Iraq because of the financial benefits to the major and minor defense contractors.

The reason that the GWB is now saying that we will be there long term is that we will be pulling our troops out of Korea soon,and the "US" needs another area of the world to stay in and be the $$ feed for the corporations that really run the government.

The war has NOTHING to do with FREEDOM.

Check where your tax dollars go--


Anonymous said...

And, as if the deaths of American soldiers, Iraqi civilians, cancerous pollution due to depleted Uranium from US bombs, and the constant fear that the Iraqi people live in due to their Civil War, were not enough to turn the strongest of war hawks against this war, this side effect of the Iraq War is all too familiar.

Every ignorant red neck asswipe who wants this War to continue should try selling themselves or thier teenage children in Syria, and then see if the Iraq War is "just", as if any war ever was.


Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder where the money comes from? Seems like somebody must really want us to stay in this war - maybe a profit motive? Check out the listed donors to Freedomswatch - a neo-con Who's Who.

It seems clear to me that we created a monster in Iraq by a horrific lack of planning at the onset. The blitzkrieg approach got us into Baghdad quickly, but we neglected to secure the borders against insurgents from outside Iraq.

Al Qaeda is there simply because we are. They weren't a significant factor in Iraq until motivated by our presence. Our continued presence there will cause many more dedicated Muslim warriors to oppose us than any that we either kill or capture. And, the damage to innocent civilians is unspeakable - killed, wounded, displaced from their homes - over 4 million at last count. Is it any wonder that an idealistic, young Muslim might want to oppose us?

No matter what we do - stay or leave to gradually withdraw - we have created an unstable, chaotic and hopelessly adrift country, ripped by civil conflict and ripe for influence and/or agitation from countries like Syria and Iran. And, our presence there is not helping things, especially if we have mercinaries killing civilians as with the recent Blackwater incident. TIME TO GET OUT!