Friday, September 14, 2007

Where Do Those Suicide Bombers Come From?

Well, according to Ahmad al Shayea, Saudi Arabia. You see, Ahmad al Shayea was a suicide bomber that survived his attack, and he is now turned against al Qaeda and other terrorists. Al Shayea, who was disfigured during the attack, claims al Qaeda tricked him into becoming a bomber by asking him to deliver a tanker truck, which they had rigged with a bomb. He is now renouncing terrorism and has returned to Saudi Arabia to try and convince other would be suicid bombers that they are being misled, as he was, in carrying out such attacks. al Shayea was asked by al Qaeda to deliver a truck loaded with explosives, expecting to get away before the explosion. However, the truck was set to go off before he escaped. Now al Shayea says, "I think God took me out of death to show others what can happen....If you join al Qaeda, they will use you, and maybe you will die."

I find it most fascinating that according to Iraqi officials, more Saudis than any other nationality have responded to al Qaeda's call. But the US is fighting al Qaeda in Iraq so we won't have to fight them here!! Right?! But the Saudis, our allies and "friends" supply a good number of the terrorists to begin with. The Saudi government is trying to stop this recruitment. Saudi officials say they are escalating their fight against homegrown al Qaeda militants.

The Saudi government should be applauded for trying to stop those that would be suicide bombers, but are the real enemies of the US really in Iraq?

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