Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Was I A Cowboy?

What makes a gay man such as myself be so in love with country music? Maybe I was a cowboy in a previous life? Maybe it's due to my raising, with a grandfather that thought he was a cowboy? But whatever it is, I love today's country. I know country music is usually about loving the "woman" in your life. It's very conservative politically. I would never buy a Toby Keith CD or go to one of his concerts, but I must admit I like most of his songs. However I do turn the radio station when his "kick em in the ass" war songs come on. On occasion, I would venture to Woody's, one of Philly's best known and loved gay bars/clubs, on Friday night when the "gay cowboys" there would do their two-steppin. It was such an interesting site, these guys in hats and boots twirling around the floor, with re-mixed country music playing. So I must not be alone, and there are those country musician that do share the same beliefs as me, The Dixie Chicks and Willie Nelson ("Shut Up and Sing" and "Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly(Fond of each other)").

I am sitting here now listening to Brooks and Dunn's new CD, Cowboy Town. "Dirt, mud and dust, Bibles and beer. Outlaws, barbed wire, saddles and steers...In cowboy town, yeah, cowboy town. That's where I come from, cowboy town." Now there's some lyrics! Country songs are simple, I know. They talk about life and the stuff that happens, in ways I can understand without thinking too much. Maybe that's what I like. For example, a few months ago I wrote a post, "Jose Kicked My Ass" (July 2007). Brooks and Dunn know what I'm talking about. Tequila, one of the other songs on Cowboy Town puts my exact feelings to words: "Jose got me stumblin', mumblin' like a fool. That worm's got a kick like a Tennesse mule....Tequila. Goes down easy, Lord it'll sneak up on you fast...You don't go toe to toe with that little bitty worm."

I have found country music can help when one needs a good cry also. Put on some country songs, and the tears will begin to flow. You'll feel much better afterwards!

So, think what you will, but I will continue to love that music.


Pax Romano said...

I'm lost after Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash.

mommanator said...

so why do you have to be straight to like country! It's great Enjoy it!

Karl said...

I guess you don't! And Pax, you are still thinking "old time" country, not "today's" country.

mommanator said...

hey have ya heard the new CD of Bon Jovi? it has a country feel- I just love one of the songs!

Karl said...

Like I always ask, "Who says you can't go home?"