Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IF-One of the Biggest Words

The other night a friend of mine said, "If only I had done it differently!" My reply, "I haven't done everything in my life right, but I wouldn't do it differently even if I could." IF is something I don't dwell on for too long. IF isn't real and cannot happen no matter what. No matter how much you wish you could do something different, no matter how often you think, "what if?," no matter how long you consider how things would have turned out "if only," IF will NEVER be!
That one little word is one of the most thought about, discussed, wished for words in the world, and it can't even happen! Besides, if it could be, remember this: that one little word would change your entire life! Change one little thing about your life, and your entire life changes! As I said to my friend, "If you never got married, you wouldn't have that wonderful daughter you always speak of with such pride and joy. You would not have met me!"
I don't know why things happen in life. I used to say it was God's will. That I'm not so sure of anymore, but this I am sure: things happen in our lives for a reason. We are put in a situation and in contact with certain people at a specific time, for a specific reason. I have met many people throughout my life who made a difference for me, and I hope there are people I've met that I have made things just a little better for. Life is in constant motion, and we are pieces moved on a chess board.
So instead of wondering, "what IF," be thankful and appreciate what HAS happened in your life. For IF could alter all.

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mommanator said...

Great post. Now IF only more would read it.
If only I could put into words what I thought about while reading!