Thursday, February 12, 2009

Really Hoping Obama Fails

Has anyone else noticed how hard the right-winged media and others (Republicans) are trying their hardest to get negative reactions to everything Barack Obama says and does? Rush has said he hopes Obama fails, then tried to clear it up by stating that he only hoped Obama's stimulus plan failed. The other day some newscaster asked a "blog" question something like, "If the stimulus plan does not work, will you still support Obama? How much time will you give the stimulus plan to work?" The expected answer in each of these and many other questions/polls is a negative response against Obama.

Obama has been in office about four weeks now! He inherited a mess and it will take a lot longer than four weeks or even four months to fix it! So how long will I give him? I would say, FOUR YEARS maybe! George W. and his party took eight years to screw things up so badly, I think FOUR YEARS is enough to give Obama to start turning things around!

Are the Republicans just jealous that Obama still has such a favorable rating? Are the Republicans going to continue their hardest to try and change peoples' feelings about Obama? I hate to tell them,but I believe the American people are tired of the BS that the Republicans have fed them for the past eight years! I think, and I am hoping, that the Republican strategy will backfire on them and make people dislike the Republicans even more.

Get on board, Republicans! You and your strategy has failed this country. Get on board and give Obama an honest chance to turn things around. Guess what? He's going to do it with or without you anyway!

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mommanator said...

As a nation we should rally behind the elected!
yikes give the man a break even Rome wasn't built in a day!