Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Warm Welcome For Obama

I thought it was great to see the warm welcome President Obama received earlier this week in Canada. More than 3000 people withstood freezing temperatures and snow on Ottawa's Parliament Hill to watch as the US President waved to the crowds during his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Lesley Marshall, a university student, said, "We came for the Bush protest here (in 2004). There were just lines of police officers with gas masks because there was so much anti- American sentiment. It was horrifying..." What a difference!

It made me proud to be an American to see this welcome of our President! Even during the campaign, I felt a tingle of pride when then Candidate Obama met with other world leaders. To see the crowds then come to see OUR future President was awe-inspiring. I remember Obama being criticized for taking this trip during the campaign, but other candidates for US President would not have received the same reception!

It was actually embarrassing to see George W. visit other countries! Nothing but protests and scenes of police in riot gear were seen on TV. The world hated Bush, and the world hated US Americans! Now maybe we will be seen in a different light!