Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Obama Success In London

Well it looks like President and Mrs. Obama were successes in London this week at the G20 Summit. President Obama was declared, "Obama was the star of the meeting," and Michelle Obama "dubbed "Mighty Michelle" and the "new Jacqueline Kennedy" by British media."

It's great to see the American President received so well in a foreign country after 8 years of being embarrassed by Presidential trips to other countries. President Obama was not dominate the summit, but in my opinion, showed what true diplomacy and cooperation is all about. He did not dictate what the US wanted, but rather worked with the leaders of the other 20 nations to accomplish his goals.

Maybe this is just a small sign of things to come. There is strength in listening and thinking, not just boastful gloating and demanding.


Merci said...

It's nice to have hope again.

mommanator said...

they did do the world in a whirlwind didnt they and thye faird well!