Monday, April 13, 2009

To Union Or Not To Union?

I am Pro-Union, but not a Union Fanatic! I am also a State of NJ employee, and union member State employee! I DO NOT BELIEVE THE STATE OF NJ BUDGET SHOULD BE BALANCED ON THE BACKS OF ITS WORKERS! My job is to serve the public, a particularly vulnerable part of our citizenship. I believe that MOST state employees work hard to support and serve the people of NJ. We keep the disabled, the mentally ill, children, and the general public safe. I also believe that most of the public hasn't a clue what NJ State employees do to make their lives better.
This is, in my opinion, what the Union should be publicizing on a daily basis. The Union should be informing the public on a routine basis of what it is NJ State employees are doing for the people. However, the Union usually reacts to situations rather than being proactive. Last week, the Union asked its members to participate in a lunchtime picket over forced furloughs and wage increase give-backs. Does this work or does this make the public even angrier at State employees? I'm not sure, but the following is one response from one reader of The Press of Atlantic City to the lunchtime protests that occurred last week:
How arrogant for state workers to fight furloughs
Published: Monday, April 13, 2009
" Regarding the mass demonstrations last week at our state colleges by workers protesting furloughs:
I'm blown away by the arrogance of these folks. These are all state employees who believe they are exempt from any type of personnel cuts when the state is suffering a sharp revenue decline. Why should the state act any differently from a private business?
Most of these folks make the same or more than private business employees and should have to undergo the same as any other business. With the governor finally doing his job by cutting expenditures and standing up to the demands of the state's employees, we taxpayers will finally slow our rate of increase in our property taxes. New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation due to the demands of these employees, and it has to stop now.
Unfortunately, when the Union reacts this is the image that is portrayed.


Pax Romano said...

I was at one of the rally's last week, and I have to say that most of the cars that passed our little group blew their horns and raised their fists in solidarity with those of us who walked. Unfortunately, these are not the kind of people who write letters to the editor.

I do agree that our union should spend more time showing what we do for the public, they need to hire someone who can do some good PR for us. I have mentioned this at several meetings recently.

On a personal note, I am marching because I am angry that, in spite, of the lack of money, we find ways to promote people as well as bring on political appointees. How can we be in such dire financial dire straights and afford this?

Sometimes I wish I worked for AIG; I'd be bailed out by the fed and also get a million dollar bonus!

mommanator said...

good post, sure am glad I am not in the work force any longer, so unappreciated

Karl said...

More and more, I'm thinking of getting out even before I reach the age to receive my full pension. Time for a career change maybe?

Merci said...

Not only have we had the recent flurry of promotions, but there are postings for several new staff positions. I know we can use the extra staff, but if we can't afford the personnel we have, why are we hiring more? Makes me think the budget crisis is not as bad as they say. All through our careers we've been told how bad things are fiscally, yet we've managed to expand spending programs in a massive way each year. We never cut off the unnecessary spending programs, either. It really has dawned on me lately that there is quite a lot of money out there that is up for grabs; it's really not as bad as they tell us it is.

Zelda Parker said...

Does Dennis realize that we are taxpayers too, Fewer working hours equates fewer taxes being paid by us as well.