Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ten Reasons I Cannot Vote For Christie

After reading Chris Christie's proposals if elected Governor, here are the reasons why I cannot vote for Christie:

1. I will run our state government like a business. Heard that one before, time and time again. Heard it throughout much of the past 8 years!

2. I will save taxpayer dollars and end political cronyism by eliminating political patronage jobs. Right! Christie's patrons will replace the political cronies now in state government.

3. I will lower overtime costs by reducing the number of state holidays and eliminating those not recognized as federal holidays. State employees have a contract and any change needs to be negotiated.

4. I will increase efficiency and lower costs by changing to a single, unitary approach to state public employee compensation, benefits, and work rules – ending the separate statutes governing health benefits, antiquated civil service rules, and the collective bargaining agreements. Ok. Again, let's mess with State employees!

5. I will increase fairness and reduce costs by bringing the compensation and benefits for the New Jersey Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) back in line with employees who have defined contribution plans (such as federal government employees) by closing defined benefit plans for new employees, and replacing them with defined contribution plans.

6. I will eliminate pension and health benefits for all part-time employees and political appointees. Only full-time employees should qualify for a public pension. Part time employees are important to the function of state government and they should get some pension for their work.

7. I will require all new state hires and state employee retirees to contribute to their health insurance costs. WE already do to the surprise and misunderstanding of many!

8. I will devote more resources to assist parents and educators attempting to start new charter schools by utilizing my revamped Department of Education (DOE) to encourage and nurture those seeking to start a charter school. Good use of taxpayers money! Use it for Private schools instead of bettering Public Schools.

9. Christie will take away state mandates on health insurance companies to allow "bare-bones" policies that could limit coverage. This despite what he says.

10. Christie is about 150 pounds overweight! Can't take care of yourself, how can you take care of the State!

I don't know about all State employees, but I take pride in doing a good job providing care for the Developmentally Disabled of our state. Don't fix the state's financial woes on my back!


Pax Romano said...

I was waiting for you to bust on his fat ass - thanks for not letting me down!

Listen to him, he's singing a song to the tinhats of Joisey - the morons who don't understand that the reason we are in the mess we are in has nothing to do with rank and file state employees. Good god, doesn't he understand that the entire nation, if not the world is suffering from an economic crisis that was borne of greed, bad investments, and no government oversight? We are merely reaping what Ronald Reagan sowed some thirty years ago - it's called trickle down economics.

Karl said...

Yes, and what Christie wants to do is the same thing: let's take away State mandates and give Companies free reign to do what they want. That brings down costs! Of course it does because the service is Not as good and the Companies screw the people they supposedly serve!

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