Monday, December 21, 2009

Healthcare Reform: A Huge Victory!

President Obama stated that the Senate vote to move health care reform forward is a "big victory for the American people." The US Senate is poised to approve the bill before the end of the year. According to Obama, the bill will be a major help to those without health insurance as well as be good for those already have health insurance. The bill will prohibit insurance companies from exempting certain pre-existing conditions and advance health care for all US citizens.

I say this is a huge victory for President Obama! The Republicans, none of whom are expected to vote for the bill, have tried their hardest to stop health care reform! You can say what you want, but the bottom line is the Republicans do not want Obama to succeed and this is another victory for Obama. From the day Obama took office, the Republicans have done whatever they can, lie, distort, incite the people, to stop any advancement of Obama's agenda! However, looks like the Republicans are going to fail with health care and Obama will win.......once again!

I do not think this is the best health care reform bill. I would rather see a public option! I would rather not see women's reproductive rights lessened. But I think this is the best bill that we can get right now! Changes will certainly be necessary as the health care reform progresses over the years. This is a start!

I applaud President Obama once again for his strategic moves! Americans will one day thank him for his agenda!

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