Thursday, January 07, 2010

What A Disappointment!

In November, when Jon Corzine lost the NJ State Governor's race to Chris Christie, the Democrats in the legislature lost their balls! The Democrats have decided to forget about doing what is right and are now more concerned about what they need to do to get re-elected and continue their political careers.
This became evident today when the State Senate voted against marriage equailty in NJ. The Senate, by a vote of 20-14, just one vote short of a victory, defeated the Gay Marriage bill that would have move NJ forward in providing all its citizens equality.
I would like to thank those Senators, Democrat and Republican, that voted for marriage equality, and inform those who did not support marriage equality that the time will come, with or without them, that NJ will have marriage equality. The NJ Supreme Court ruled that NJ must allow full marriage equality, and Civil Unions do not afford that! This battle will now be fought in the courts, and the LGBT will prevail! Lambda Legal is already preparing the fight!
NJ.Com reported how they voted. I am particularly saddened by Van Drew's vote! He of all people should understand the wishes and desires of the LBGT community. Thanks Senator James Whelan! And thanks Senator Bill Baroni for crossing party lines and supporting this measure!


Pax Romano said...

This has really left me sore...

Merci said...

NJ has always been a corrupt state. Now it's downright mean, as well. I think the Christie years will be a new low in NJ history. Wish I could afford to get out now.