Friday, July 23, 2010

President Obama: Please Stop Tiptoeing Around the Repubs

By now I'm sure everyone has heard the story of the firing of Shirley Sherrod from her position at the Department of Agriculture this past Tuesday. This was followed by an apology from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and eventually President Obama himself. Ms. Sherrod has been offered a new job at the Agriculture Dept., but she has not yet accepted.
This entire incident came as a result of a conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart's posting of her speech on the web and a showing on the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox. Mr. Beitbart's motive was to get back at the NAACP's claim that the Tea Party had racist elements.
I think the reason for most of the controversy is that the Obama Administration has so far been afraid to stand up to the conservative GOP, and in doing so, felt they needed to react immediately to claims of racism without getting the entire picture. I say emphatically that I support President Obama, but it's time he stop worrying about hurting the feelings of the GOP and just do what he was elected to do! President Obama needs to tell the GOP to go pound sand and move forward with his agenda!
Please, President Obama, learn from this experience!


Bull Slam said...

I couldn't agree with you more! From the very beginning Obama has tried to woo the GOP and they couldn't hate him more. He fired every liberal on his staff and that was just the first day in the Oval Office. In their places he chose well known Republicans from former Republican Administrations. All of whom quit and or walked out at the most embarrassing moments for him. If Rahm Emmanuel is advising him on that score, his advice is genuinely stupid. This is my biggest beef with Obama. He is trying to unite the country and the Repukes see what he is trying to do, and they refuse to unite. The party of NO! A negative attitude has never before been a winning strategy. But now, given the passivity of the voters, who just don't care, the GOP is having a big success with No. Nice blog! Thanks.

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