Saturday, November 24, 2012

Got A Problem With It?

While at the mall yesterday I watched as to young guys strolled hand in hand, not a care in the world.  I thought to myself how cool that was.  Then I noticed two other younger guys standing up against a railing.  The one guy noticed the two guys holding hands, tapped the friend he was with, pointed, and both started laughing at the two lovers walking by.  Surely these two gentlemen would not have even taken a second glance at a male and female holding hands.  I thought we had come much farther along with diversity and acceptance, but maybe I am wrong.

However, the fact that a male-male couple felt comfortable enough to hold hands, may be a very postive thing.   The fact that they did not feel any "danger" in their public display of affection might indeed be a step in the right direction.  Afterall, seeing two members of the same sex holding hands, especially two guys, is an oddity and somewhat unusual, so it does draw attention.  The two lovers could just be waking up those around them to accept diversity a little better.

The mall is in the Philadelphia region.  Philly is known for it's accpetance of the LGBT Community, hosting many events and housing many LGBT bars, clubs, restaurants and other businesses.  Many advertisements for the promotion of this diversity appear with the slogan, "Get your history straight and your nightlife Gay."  It probably would not be so strange to see two guys strolling hand in hand in the Philadelphia "Gayborhood," a section of the city that houses many of the gay establishments.

Seeing this open display is truly the way in which acceptance is accomplished.  I have been to many "gay" places such as my favorite, PTown, Massachuesetts.  In NYC, seeing same sex couples holding hands is not that out of place.  Maybe even to me, the first time was a shocker, but the more one sees it, the less of a peculiarity it becomes.  Also for someone not accustomed to the "gay lifestyle," it takes a few times to get used to seeing this. 

So maybe I was wrong about how far we have come.  I applaud these two young men for having the courage to show their love for each other.  For they are showing those around them what is diffeerent, but really OK.  I applaud the kids that go to school each and every day and live as who they are!  Little by little, bit by bit, these are the groundbreakers!

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