Monday, December 19, 2005

Is America Gonna Fall For It Again?

George Bush interrupted important television last night to again try to persuade Americans that he has everything in control, and that everything is hunky-dory over in the land of Iraq (pronounced by Bush as Eye-Rack). The US is fighting the terrorist over there so we won't have to fight them here. And this comes just days after Bush admitted to giving his approval to the NSA to illegal conduct survellience on Americans. Is America going to fall for this clown's mistruths and misadventures again?
First, in 2000, Bush wins an election through the courts, not the public vote. Then he leads America into an illegal war. He continues to make excuses about how Iraq was not cooperating with UN Weapons Inspectors, and how Iraq was producing Weapons of Mass Destruction. This of course, was found to be untrue, so now, as Bush mentioned in last night's address, Iraq had the potential to develop weapons. What country doesn't? He continues to indirectly link Iraq with Al-Qeida, which has also been disproven. And most recently, Bush informs American citizens that he authorized the illegal survellience of Americans. No big deal, you say? Maybe you were one of those wiretapped or videotaped or whatever for no other reason than you made a long distance call to a specific location deemed an enemy. What will Bush do next?
How can Americans continue to support this man? He lies. He sidesteps the law. He ignores the Constitution. And all because the US is in a "state of war." So that makes everything Bush does OK? This is the USA. Not Saudi Arabia. This country is based on laws. This country has a solid Constitution which nobody, not even the President of the US, has the right to disregard. Bill Clinton was impeached over what? Personal misconduct? And George Bush continues to do whatever he wishes with total disregard for the law. When is America going to wake up and say, "Enough is enough"? This clown has be stopped. Who know what his next step will be. Besides dividing a country like no other president in recent times, Bush puts us all in jeopardy with his behavior.

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