Saturday, December 10, 2005

What Kind Of Day Did They Have?

Yesterday, while driving to the gym, there was a fair amount of traffic. It is Christmas time and I live near a mall and many stores very busy at this time. And I must admit, I get very impatient with drivers; they're either in the wrong lane, moving too slowly, stopping/starting, or some other thing that makes me, the perfect driver, get ticked. So, I am in the left lane of a four lane highway, and all of a sudden, a mini-bus ahead of me moves over in the left lane, in front of me. Soon a van does the same thing. I assume they are together and they have quickly realized they need to make a left turn not too far ahead. And I, cursing under my breath because these vehicles should have realized before hand that in order to turn left, one must be in the left lane, and there is no reason why these vehicles didn't get in the left lane earlier, began to move into the right lane to go past these two morons! And then I realize why they moved into the left lane so suddenly. There was an accident blocking the right lane that from where I was, could not be seen. Those vehicles in front of me weren't intentionally trying to aggravate me. They had no choice but to move into my lane as a result of what they were experiencing. I then realized I was the moron, jumping to conclusions as to why those vehicles so ignorantly moved in front of me.
But it made me realize something else. So many times we, and I will include myself, become impatient with others because of what we perceive as just plain ignorance or stupidity. But what we fail to realize is we have no idea whatsoever what these individuals have just experienced in their own lives. We don't know if someone of importance just died in an individual's life. We don't know if someone just broke up or divorced a spouse or partner. We don't know if someone just got news that he/she has some terminal illness. I know some people are just plain ignorant, but sometimes there may be a perfectly good reason why someone appears to be so. At this time of the year, and always, let's try, and I include myself in this, to realize there may be a perfectly good reason why someone acts the way they do.

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