Saturday, December 10, 2005

Will The Truth About U.S. Interrogation Come Out?

Poland has announced it will conduct a "detailed" probe into secret prisons in Poland run by the U.S. CIA to interrogate suspected terrorists. There will be more than a dozen such investigations taking place in European countries that hosted secret U.S.-run prisons in which prisoners were reportedly tortured. It will be interesting, and possibly embarrassing, for the U.S. We all have seen movies of such occurrences, but could they be for real? Has the U.S. CIA been torturing prisoners in foreign countries. There were reports that I heard shortly after 9-11 of the U.S. sending suspects to foreign countries to conduct "interrogations." These countries reportedly used torture to obtain information. Since the U.S. would not do such "business" in its own country, sending suspects to foreign lands to get information was the next best thing. I only hope that when the European countries are done their probes, the U.S. will not be seen as bad as many of the countries we reprimand for such behavior.

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