Sunday, January 28, 2007

Anybody Miss Me?

Ok. Be honest? Did you miss me? And don't say so just to make me feel good! I haven't blogged since New Year's Day, 28 days ago! I know Mommanator missed me because she told me she so; she said she missed reading what I had to say. So here's to you, Mommanator! You're looking better than ever, and I wish you would get back soon and keep your boys in line!
Oh yeah. I turned another year older in December. That's my birthday cake that my special someone bought for me. A strawberry shortcake birthday cake! YUMMY! Another year older, and another year wiser! As the old saying goes, "if I only knew then what I know now!" How true that is.
So again I will blog my heart out even though blogs are supposed to be a thing of the past. It gives me a place to make my thoughts known and vent some of my frustrations and bang my pulpit for change in our world. It gives me a place to say what's wrong with our world as well as look at the positive things that are going on. So I will be blogging on!


mommanator said...

Well its about time you got back! I missed ya, ya know there is only so much crappy tv a person can watch or scrafs a person can knit whilst on disability
Glad u R back And a Wonderful Birthday, cake looks yummy!

Karl said...

Why thank you, Mommanator! And your scarfs are fabulous!

PaxRomano said...

"Just put your two lips together and blow", that's what Lauren Bacall said!

Of course we missed you, but 28 days is just a blink if you're in rehab!

Karl said...

My secret's out! Damn!