Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And We're Surprised (Things Are So Messed Up)!?

Almost not a day or week has gone by since the beginning of the war in Iraq that we have not seen on the news how things have been royally screwed up! We are constantly reminded how incompetent those in charge have been. We have also seen how things were handled in domestic situations such as Hurricane Katrina. And we wonder why?

George W. is one of the biggest baffoons ever to lead this country. I previously said after the 2004 elections that Americans deserved what they get in the coming years. Unlike my friend Pax Romano, I am not resolved to "stop saying to people who voted for Bush, "Told Ya' So!!!". I will never stop saying to those who put Bush into office for a second term, "I Told YOU so!" Morons and assholes! They elected this idiot and they deserve exactly what they have gotten!

Here's a man who said "mistakes were made", but "Mybad..........OH well!" Bush has been responsible for the death of thousands and he can simply say, "MyBad....OH well!" If he were a man, he'd take responsibility for his mistakes and resign. If Bush was a Samuri warrior responsible for the unnecessary death of thousands, he commit harikari. If you or I mistakenly killed one individual, we'd be charged with manslaughter at least.

So why do we sit in amazement when we hear how incompetent George W. is. A moron will always be found out eventually!

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