Saturday, March 10, 2007

Human Rights Campaign Update

This week's HRC update:

On Friday, Senator Hillary Clinton met with the HRC's spring board meeting. Clinton was well received, and the Senator in her speech promised to continue to have an open door policy to our community if elected President.

There was a scandal brewing in Washington, D.C. at the American Conservative Union conference. This is where bitch, asshole (my opinion and critique) Ann Coulter called Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, a "faggot." John Amaechi, out former NBA player, called Coulter out in a recorded video. Amaechi called Coulter's remarks callous and childish.

The HRC continues to fight outrageous displays of bigotry. Also, HRC is joining forces with legendary performer Cyndi Lauper to launch a "True Colors Music Tour" in support of GLBT equality. Stay tuned for more on this.

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