Sunday, March 18, 2007

Only One Way You Can Go

There's one thing, among many, I always say: "You can't go back, once you've gone....... (Stop! I know what you're all thinking)....forward!" You can never go back! You can only go one way: Forward! On the heels of my "Changes" post, I go forward with another of my other philisophical disertations. No matter how hard you try, if you attempt to go back, it's never the same. You can never be in the same "water" twice.

This is true of almost anything in life. Ever been in a relationship, called it quits, I mean really called it quits, then tried months or years later to start the relationship again? It doesn't work! It's never the same. Ever worked somewhere, left, then gone back? It too is never the same! Life is only made up of the present and the future; the past is done, gone, kaput!

Spring will be here this week. The winter is gone, as is the past autumn and summer. Who knows what the Spring will bring? Who knows where Autumn 2007 will find us? Life moves one way, forward. We can move forward with it or we can be unhappy and miserable trying to live in the past. And no matter how hard you try, it can't be!

Good luck in your present and future!


Pax Romano said...

Did you write that for your own benefit as well as others?

I think most people know that they can "never go home again". But a grieving period is to be expected.

I for one, while not thrilled with this turn of events, will make the best of it.

But when I think back to Officeland I, and the wacky crew there, I will always smile.

Karl said...

Do you think I'm thrilled with it, Pax?? Definitely not! But gayly forward I go, never straight!