Saturday, August 11, 2007

In Boston

Finally arrived in Beantown yesterday afternoon after an adventure with US Air. We arrived to the airport way before the 2 hour time to check in. I thought there seemed to be an awful lot of people in the lines, and I soon found out that many flights had been cancelled the night before, I guess because of the weather. We waited for about 2.5 hours, missing our 9:15AM flight. So we were booked on an 11:15AM flight. The only saving grace is US Air has a flight from Philly to Boston every hour. The flight itself was good, lasting about 40 minutes. Then when we arrived at the airport, my luggage came off, but MyGuy's didn't. How 3 pieces of luggage get checked in at the same time, and 2 make it but the 3rd does not, amazes, yes, Pax, amazes me! Finally, 2 or 3 flights later, the missing luggage arrived. I have never seen MyGuy get mad, but he let the poor kid at the luggage counter know about it! It's not the weather issue and the delays that angered us about US Air, but the attitude of the employees; they just don't seem to give a shit at all. I know they have had pensions taken away and other cuts due to US Air's bankruptcy in the past, but please! I have sworn I will never fly US Air or United again. Unforturnately, US Air is the only direct flight from Philly to Boston I know of, and US Air and United are priced well. (Maybe that explains why they went bankrupted and why their staff suck).

The Seaport Hotel, where we stay, is in the Seaport District right on the Harbor. Great view of all the boats and activity on the Harbor. Can also see the flights coming and going from Logan International. Very friendly staff, and a no tipping place! Yes, customers are told not to tip staff.

Heading out to see Boston today. Going to Faeuil Hall and Quincy Market, then found out it's a "tax free" weekend in Massachusetts this weekend, so off to Newbury Street to hit some shops. Hopefully we'll make it to the German restaurant we ate at before. MyGuy wants his knockers as he put it, but I think he meant knockwurst.

Keep you posted. The weather looks great! Warm and sunny, but not hot and humid.


mommanator said...

bad start to the vaca, means it's gonna be a great one. already youare having luck! NO TIPPING, that may take care of the taxes-have a great time

Merci said...

Amazing and awesome (hope Pax read that line)!

I'm in the vacation line myself. 3 weeks from this moment I'll be at least half way to Iowa.

Karl said...

Hey, you don't have to ask me twice not to tip!

Pax Romano said...

Amazing! AMAZING!

That said, have a ball, Boston is Wicked Cool as they say.