Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In PTown

Day #3 in Provincetown, and everyday I am refreshed with the genuine sincerity of those I meet in this quaint little town. From day one when we checked into The Carpe Diem Guesthouse and was greeted by Jared and given the tour before going to our room, there was a real feeling of belonging, or being part of a family. I have met so many wonderful people. Jurgen and Hans are the owners of the House, one from Germany and the other from France, who moved here in the late 1990's to establish this place. Both are younger guys, and a couple I believe. Then there's Herbie, a retired English teacher, who makes sure all his "boys" are taken care of. I met a couple from Cannes, France the other night at the wine and cheese which takes place every evening from around 5PM. There are some guys here from Atlanta and a couple from good old Wenonah, NJ. Breakfast is prepared every morning by Jurgen and it is a hearty breakfast, not just bagels and the like. So, far, so good. It is off to a boat cruise tonight, then some more dancing at The A-House. Check in with you later.


mommanator said...

Hey what happened to your trek?? are you back to work? I enjoyed the details Jax

Joe Tornatore said...

have fun

Merci said...

Was the Guesthouse like a B&B? I love B&B's! Best way to travel.

I'm off to a true Iowa farmhouse in a couple of days. Can't wait!