Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Nerve Of That Company!!

I don't usually write about my place of employment. Well, not directly! I sometimes make references in my posts, but it's not my habit of discussing what goes on at work. However, recently I heard of a great deal of scuttlebutt about a memo that was distributed informing staff that they needed to turn in a projected schedule for the upcoming week, and the schedule needed specific times as to when the person would be in the office, in the field, or at lunch. (There are many in my office that are "field" workers, not always in the office). This is not a new policy as it has been in effect since the beginning of time. THE NERVE OF THIS COMPANY!!! To expect its employees to be accountable! To expect the number of hours paid for a day's work is actually worked! This company is asking alot of its employees!

I get so sick and tired of the constant complaining about the job. It took me almost 25 years of working for this company to realize a truth: I DO NOT OWN THE COMPANY, SO WHY DO I THINK "THEY" CARE WHAT I THINK? If I worked for GM, or if I worked for Bob's Used Cars, or if I worked for Mobile Oil, as an employee of the company, it is my job to carry out the agenda that the owner sets. Sure, sometimes your opinion is asked for, but that is only to assist the owner in setting the stage for what the plan. If I ran my own business, it would be my job as owner and CEO to set forth the agenda and it would be the staff I had working for me to who would complete the tasks to acheive my agenda. I do not own this company; I am one of those staff. So why would I think that it was up to me to decide what happened and how it happened in this company? Why would I not think the owner of the company had every right to know where I was, and that I was doing what I was supposed to do during my workday?

Staff at the company I work for need to get real! There are really 3 choices each employee there has: get on board with what's expected and enjoy what you do to make our "customers" lives just a little better; suck it up, shut up, and be miserable to yourself; or find a new job or something within the current system that you do enjoy! Or better yet, start a "company" of your own and be the man in charge setting the agenda. Complain, complain, complain, but never take any action to better your position and lot in the company. I'm sure it is the same for those that work in other lines of work, but this truth that I learned is the same no matter where one works.


Pax Romano said...

I agree.

HOWEVER -- as you and I both know, the new (actually old) projected schedule business will only pertain to some, and not others (there already some being told in Officeland II "not to worry about it".)

And therein lies the rub.

mommanator said...

OO I am so glad I retired from the company! I however was one of those that was not hard to find as you well know. To me the rules apply to everyone, not just a few that have morals enough to follow the rules. I am not one of those that need to be spoon fed daily!
A schedule! what will they think of to complain of next! I have never heard anyone complaining when they have to pick up the pay check- I totally agree with you buddy! Suck it up and shut up, etc!