Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Give It A Try

Last week I went into my local liquor store and was kindly greeted by an elderly gentleman. "May I help you?" he asked. After asking him where the 2007 beuajolais nouve was, he pointed out the cases stacked up in the front of the store. The wine expert told me to give it a try and "have fun with it. It is very fruity and has a hint of banana." So I bought a bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beuajolais Nouve, and I had "fun with it." I could smell the hint of banana and I certainly could taste it as well. I enjoyed it and would encourage you to try it as well.


Pax Romano said...

So you'll be wanting a case for your upcoming b'day???

Karl said...

You Bet!

mommanator said...

I tried to think of something witty to say about this post. I thought the little ole man was bothering you at first, but you actually bought and liked- go figure, maybe you do still have a heart! LOL