Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Has The Whole World Gone Friggin' Nuts?

Am I just getting older and going through the "WOE IS THE WORLD" syndrome ( you know the one where old people sit around and complain about all that's wrong with the world), or is the world really going crazy? Just look at some of the news from the past couple of weeks:

Philadelphia Police Charge Teen in Shooting of Two Officers Serving Warrant

Cops kill boy who brandished clothes iron

Cop: Teens Beheaded, Burned Man For Thrill

I just killed Jae-Leigh, dad told mother-in-law

20 years for family man who went on knifing rampage

What is it with all the killings? Why are people so hateful that killing is an everday occurrence? Makes no sense to me.


Pax Romano said...

You've always sounded like one of those old guys complaining.

That said, I think this crazy freaking world just SEEMS worse because the information is just coming at us from all sides. It has always been a crazy world.

Seen the latest issue of Time magazine? They highlight the year, 1968 - what a violent year that was! Nixon runs for president, 10500 more soldiers sent to Vietnam, The My Lai massacre happened, Martin Luther King is killed, Bobby Kennedy is killed, The Chicago riots break out that summer during the Democratic convention...also, 1968 was the year that the National Gun Control Act was born (and mostly dissembled since by the NRA).

I am not denying that things seem horrible, but I think every generation can point to their time and see the same horrors.

mommanator said...

agreed Pax, but dont mean we have to like it.
I'd rather be out as a kid playing in the mud than shooting something. Targets are made for shooting. Unless of course you are shooting for food or with a good camera!