Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Goodbye, Starbucks....(Well, Some Anyway)

So instead of a Starbucks on every corner, there will only be one on every other corner in our cities. Starbucks has announced the closing of 600 stores and the cutting of 7% of its staff. I for one, cannot say I'm sorry to see it happen.

First of all, Starbucks coffee is not the best coffee available. For me, no matter what kind I have gotten, it's always bitter and tastes like sewer water. Yes, the steamed milk and sugar make it a little more tolerable, but it still has that burnt taste. Secondly, the outrageous price of Starbucks coffee hinges on exploitation of the masses. There is no reason why a simple cup of coffee should ever cost over $2.00! Thirdly, there are already too damn many Starbucks around. Why does one mall need 4 Starbucks? Why do two city blocks each need their own Starbucks?

Personally I prefer smaller coffee shops which offer much better tasting coffee at a lower price. On my recent weekend in NYC, the hotel had a Starbucks in the lobby, but I found a coffee shop across the street that was much better. A good cup of coffee was about $1.25. I would also much rather drink Dunkin' Donuts of McDonalds than Starbucks coffee to be quite honest.

So goodbye Starbucks! Not all but some! Maybe if you stop exploiting people with your ridiculous prices and nasty tasting coffee, you'll stay in business a bit longer. Just don't stop making and selling your Java Chip Ice Cream! That would really disappoint me!


Merci said...

The coffee at Starbucks costs more because they actually pay their employees a living wage, and they offer health benefits to part-time employees. That's extremely rare in the US today. It's a shame that some of the better non-skilled jobs have to go.

mommanator said...

I totally agree, but don't tell my daughter and Mikey of course! I can't see paying that much for jo either. Now if she buys it for me I drink it, but not my preference. It is much too strong. I have it with allot of milk

Karl said...

I go to Starbucks only when there's no other place to go. Sorry about the employees that will be loosing their jobs/benefits, but that's business in America. Sometimes you can price yourself right out of business. (Not that the remaining Starbucks will fail as well....they'll do just fine. I am sure the owners are doing just peachy).