Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sordid Lives

If you haven't seen it yet, you've got to watch Logo's new series, Sordid Lives.

It comes on Logo, Channel 163 in my area, on Wednesday nights at 10:00PM with a repeat on Friday night at 10:30PM. (I'm sure it will be on Logo on Demand as well). The show centers around Ty, a confused young adult, and his crazy family. It is a hoot!

Sordid Lives stars Bonnie Bedelia, Rue McClanahan, Olivia Newton-John, Caroline Rhea, Beth Grant, Leslie Jordan, with cameos by Margaret Cho, Carson Kressley, Candis Cayne and Georgette Jones. One of the funniest characters is Leslie Jordan as "Brother Boy," a crazy cross dresser living in a mental institute and obsessed with Tammy Wynette. Brother boy is in the mental hospital to be "dehomosexualized." And you're not going to believe Olivia Newton-John is the sweet Olivia Newton-John we all know.

So check it out. Click here to see a clip from the first episode. Margaret Cho is the therapist to the young Ty.


Pax Romano said...

I am looking forward to this series, I love campy, southern folk.

Also, if you have not watched Mad Men yet, check it out. Since the show is set in the very early 60's there are very subtle aspects of all of the characters being shown; pay special attention to the ad artist, Sal Romano, who is gay. Last season he almost hooked up with a salesman, but he got cold feet at the last minute. His character is interesting in that he has to pretend he is straight, but everything about him just screams, "GAY".

Karl said...

What station is Mad Men on?

Pax Romano said...

AMC, first season is on demand ... now I caution you, this is a very slow series that moves at a leisurely pace. But several of the writers worked on The Sopranos, so it does have that great dialogue.

I watch it and think, What if Officeland ran like this?